11 Ways to Fix Vizio TV Won’t Connect to 5G Wifi

Vizio TV won't connect to 5G Wifi

Vizio tv won’t connect to 5g wifi can be a common problem. There are many reasons why this could happen, but the most common is not entering the right information into the TV.

Vizio televisions do not have an ethernet port, so to solve the Vizio tv won’t connect to 5g wifi issue, you will need a wireless network adapter for your Vizio TV.

There are three different adapters that you can purchase for your Vizio TV: a USB adapter, a wireless bridge, or a wireless repeater. All three of these adapters will work with Vizio TVs and all three of them have their pros and cons.

In this article, we will be discussing whether Vizio TV won’t connect to the 5G WiFi issue. In addition, the steps work almost in every Vizio TV model. It doesn’t matter whether your smart TV is an older version or the newest one. You can easily troubleshoot with these instructions.

What Causes Vizio TV Not Connecting to 5G WiFi

Vizio TV won't connect to 5G Wifi Fixed

Vizio Tv Won’t Connect to 5g Wifi occurs due to many reasons. With the advent of 5G wifi, we need to be sure that we have a strong and stable wifi connection.

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The Vizio TV can be connected to your home network through your wireless router or Ethernet connection. If the Vizio TV is not connecting wirelessly.

The TV’s wireless capabilities may be turned off. For instance, the router might be overloaded by other devices on the same frequency as the Vizio TV.

There are some other reasons as well. The internet service provider could be experiencing a service outage. Similarly, there might not be any available channels for connecting. You might need a digital media player for streaming apps like Netflix and HuluPlus.

Troubleshoot Vizio TV Won’t Connect to 5g WiFi

To get rid of 5G WiFi not connecting on Vizio TV. Apply the underlying instructions to troubleshoot the Vizio TV not connecting to 5G WiFi:

Method 1: Check Your WiFi Network

The smart TV disconnects from the network that has no internet connectivity. In case, your WiFi network has no internet or it is not functioning properly. As a result, your smart TV won’t connect to WiFi.

When you found out yourself in this scenario, troubleshooting the WiFi network is the best way to fix this issue. However, the smart TV or the router might be causing the internet not working issue.

Method 2: Power Cycle Router and Smart TV

If the wifi is not connecting even when the internet is available. For instance, it might be caused due to a generic bug on the smart TV or the router. Sometimes, the overloaded network might prevent the device from connecting.

You can easily troubleshoot this issue by power cycling the smart TV as well as the router. In addition, it is better to power cycled both devices when you are unknown of the actual reason causing this issue.

To power cycle, the TV and modem, unplug the power cable from the wall outlet of both the router and smart TV. Now, you have to wait for a few seconds.

After that, plug the power cord into the wall outlet. It might take a few minutes to blink four lights on the router. Turn on your TV to check if the error persists.

Method 3: Configure the DHCP Settings

DHCP is responsible for connecting the smart TV with the router. It stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It provides an IP address for a specific device connected to that network.

If the same IP address is assigned to two or more devices, the smart TV couldn’t connect to that network. You can solve that issue after enabling and disabling the DHCP settings. Apply the given instructions to configure DHCP settings on Vizio smartTV:

  1. Press the Menu button on the TV remote.
  2. Toggle to Settings and then select Network.
  3. Choose the Network that Smart TV is connected to.
  4. Select Manuel Set-Up and then go to DHCP.
  5. If the DHCP is OFF then select On and vice-versa.
  6. Save the settings and then check if the error persists.

Method 4: Change WiFi Password

There is a possible reason for WiFI not connecting to the TV due to the overloaded devices on the router. In addition, there is a device limit on the router or modem. If the limit exceeds, the WiFi won’t connect to any other device.

To solve that issue, you should try changing the WiFi password. To do that, log in to the router page. Go to the security tab and then change the password. Once you saved the settings on the router, connect the WiFi network to your smart TV.

Method 5: Configure the WiFi Router’s Security to Enable WPA-PSK [TKIP]

Vizio TV Won't Connect to 5G Wifi

There might be the network’s security settings is not compatible with the smart TV. As a result, you encounter Vizio TV won’t connect to 5G WiFi issue. To fix this issue, network encryption should be enabled to WPA-PSK [TKIP]. To do that, you have to consult with your ISP

Method 6: Switch to 2GHz Frequency

If your smart TV doesn’t support the 5Ghz frequency, the Vizio TV won’t connect to 5G Wifi problem might occur. However, there are two types of networks divided on frequency i.e 2Ghz and 5Ghz.

If your Vizio smart TV is an older model, it doesn’t support the 5GHz network. In that case, you have to switch on the 2 GHz frequency. Set the network to 2 GHz and then try connecting your smart TV.

Method 7: Reset Router

If the router has an issue, reset it. However, resetting removes everything and returns the settings to factory default. To reset the router, you have to press the reset button for a few seconds. Once all the light blinks, release the button. Now, your router has been successfully reset.

Method 8: Update Smart TV Firmware

The update brings new features to the smart TV. In addition, if your Vizio smart TV is missing the 5Ghz support. Then the update can add that feature to the smart TV. As a result, Vizio smart TV won’t connect to the 5G WiFi issue which can be fixed.

To update the firmware of the Vizio smart TV, apply the given steps:

  1. Press the V button on the remote.
  2. Navigate to System from the menu.
  3. Select Check for Update and then the smart TV will look up for updates.
  4. If there is an update available, the update will begin.

Method 9: Use Ethernet

If the WiFi is not connected to your smart TV. This means there is a problem with the wireless connectivity. However, you can still connect your smart TV to the internet via Ethernet.

Take an ethernet cable and then connect both ends of the smart TV and router respectively. Now, check If the light is blinking on the ethernet port. The light blinking indicates the ethernet has successfully connected.

Method 10: Factory Reset your Smart TV

Factory reset is the process of returning the smart TV to the factory default settings. In addition, if the WiFi is not connecting to the smart TV. This means there could be some sort of glitch on the smart TV.

To factory reset the smart TV, go to System > Reset & Admin > Clear Memory or Reset TV to factory default. Follow on instructions to reset Vizio TV and then check if the error has gone away.

Method 11: Contact Vizio Support

If none of the methods worked to solve the Vizio smart TV won’t connect to the 5G WiFi issue. However, there is still a way to get this issue fixed. We advise contacting Vizio customer service support will certainly help to resolve this error.

Final Thoughts

Vizio TV won’t connect to 5G WiFi is an issue that occurs when you try to connect the 5G wifi to the smart TV that doesn’t support the 5G frequency network. However, there are various ways to fix this issue.

These instructions helped most of the users who are unable to connect the 5Ghz WiFi to the smart TV. Similarly, we also applied these steps and the error get fixed.

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FAQ About 5Ghz WiFi won’t Connect to Vizio Smart TV

What is WPA-PSK [TKIP]?

Ans: WPA-PSK [TKIP] is a standard form of WPA encryption.

What is DHCP?

Ans: DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It is assigned the IP address for each device connected to the WiFi network.

How to increase WiFi Speed?

Ans: The WiFi speed depends upon the router and the internet package subscription. For instance, you can improve the speed by reducing the distance between the router and the TV.

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