LG TV Not Connecting to WiFi Fixed

Have you ever encountered LG Tv not connecting to WiFi while surfing the internet on the Smart Tv? Well, it seems the problem occurred on the Tv due to both software and hardware failure. Although WiFi not connecting issue looks annoying but it can be easily fixable.

If your LG Smart Tv is unable to connect to the WiFi and keeps disconnecting from the Wi-Fi. In this guide, we’ll try to solve the error and then make LG tv able to connect to the WIFI successfully.

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LG Tv not connecting to WIFI issue occurs therefore you won’t be able to access the content that is available online. However, the quick solution for LG Tv not connecting to Wifi is switching to a wired connection.

LG TV not Connecting to WiFi Fixed

lg tv not connect to wifi

The core reason for Wi-Fi not being able to connect to the Tv is a generic bug on the TV. The bug can cause the error. However, if you have entered incorrect information on the network the WiFi won’t be connected to your TV. There are a lot of reasons for causing this problem which are mentioned down below:

  1. Busy Network: When there are a lot of devices connected to the same network, television stops connecting.
  2. Weak Network Strength: If the router and tv are far from each other. Signal strength gets weaker and weaker.
  3. Incorrect Date and Time: The time zone affects the network. When your TV has incorrect data and time, it does not connect to the WiFi. Therefore, the internet won’t connect to your Smart Tv.
  4. Outdated Firmware: The software version plays a vital role while connecting to WiFi. If the firmware is outdated some functions stops working properly. In addition, the Tv starts malfunctioning.
  5. Bug/Glitches: There is some generic bug that causes temporary errors on the Tv. If the issue is caused due to a bug, you may encounter the problem several times.

These are the culprits behind the LG Tv not connecting to WiFi. To resolve the problem completely, you have to analyze the actual reason. There are a lot of troubleshooting methods that are based on the causes and assumptions of the problems.

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Troubleshooting LG Tv not Connecting to WIFI

Basically, we have discussed the causes of the LG Tv not connecting to WIFI. Here is the part where you can actually solve the issue and be able to connect to the WIFI. I have tested some tricks which are still working. The method which is marked as recommended are very important and you shouldn’t escape them.

Method 1: Power Cycling

First of all, you have to power cycle each and every device which comes in the process of connecting the Tv to Wi-Fi. Most of the users have a Tv and router involved in interconnecting to the internet. However, you have to completely shut down both the television and the router until their power is drained.

To do that, simply turn off your television and then disconnect all the power supply connectors. Afterward, wait for a few minutes and then re-connect both devices to the power supply and then turn on them.

Method 2: Change Time and Date Settings

We recommend trying out this solution while solving the error. The date and time get changed automatically after rebooting the TV. It happens due to a generic bug or occurs when you have not enabled the set an auto date and time option in your Tv.

If that is the case then you have to change the date and time manually. In addition, follow the given instructions in order manually change the time and date on your LG Smart Tv:

  1. Press the Home button on the remote, and then navigate to Settings.
  2. Select All Settings and then select General.
  3. Select Time and Date.

Now, set the date and time according to your region. Check the automatically set date on the time zone and then choose your time zone area. Once the date and time are corrected, you can try to your Smart Tv connection to Wi-Fi.

Method 3: Change DNS Settings

If your smart tv is previously connected to the Wi-Fi but it keeps disconnecting. It happens due to incorrect information. When the DNS server is incorrect, it prevents the internet from working.

However, the smart tv itself disconnects the WiFi if there is no internet available. If you are still encountering the problem. Therefore, you have to set up the DNS configuration on your LG smart Tv. To do that,

  1. Select Network and then select Network Status.
  2. Select Edit and then Enter.
lg smart tv not connecting to wifi

3. Check Set Automatically.

lg smart tv not connecting to wifi

4. Enter and then select connect.

Now, your Tv is connected to Wi-Fi. However, you can choose other DNS servers while configuring the DNS setting. Here are some of the fastest DNS servers for LG smart Tv.

Method 4: Hard Line to Modem

If you are still struggling to connect your Tv to the Wifi. There is another way of connecting to the WiFi which is called the WPS Pin method. Follow the instructions to connect to WiFi via the WPS Pin method:

  1. Press the Home button on the remote and then All Settings.
  2. Select Network and then WiFi connection.
  3. Now, select Connect via WPS PIN.

Method 5: Factory Reset LG Smart Tv

Unfortunately, if none of the methods worked on your Tv to fix the problem. You should factory reset your Tv. Factory resetting removes everything. It is possible the error is caused by a corrupted data file. Follow the instructions given below to reset LG smart Tv:

  1. On the remote, press the Home button.
  2. Select Settings and then select All settings.
  3. Select General, and then choose Reset to Initial Settings.
  4. Now, enter the security key.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the factory reset. Once the resetting is done, try connecting to Wi-Fi.

Final Thoughts

LG Tv not connecting to WiFi is fixed after applying these instructions. The bug or the entity which is preventing the WiFi from connecting is gone away. However, each and every method are recommended in the process of solving error.

There is neither special nor a common solution. All methods are able to solve the error. It is determined which reason is causing the problem.

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FAQ on LG Tv not Connecting to WiFi

What is the WPS button?

Ans: Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is a feature on the router which is designed to process connecting to secure connection from the device.

Why is my network not showing up?

Ans: Ensure WiFi is enabled on your device. If it is enabled then there must be SSID hidden. You can disable the SSID hidden feature from your router.

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  1. Thanks for the post. Very helpful. Method 1 & 2 did not work for me and I could not use methods 3 & 4. Finally Method 5 worked.

  2. I have to unplug my TV every day for it to connect to WiFi. And I know it’s the Smart part of the TV because I have an older Apple TV that works perfectly every day if I don’t want to fight the WiFi not connecting to the TV. I have tried all of these steps and the that is the only thing that works.


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