4 Ways to Fix Samsung TV Horizontal Lines on Screen

When it comes to the premium quality display on the smart TV. You may think about Samsung’s smart TV. The brand itself has proved it provides the best quality and features on the smart Tv.

However, many users are reporting there is a horizontal line on the Samsung smart Tv screen. Samsung TV Horizontal Lines on Screen problem occurs while watching tv or turning the tv.

If you are getting lines on your Samsung smart TV then probably there is an issue with input or display. In addition, the source plays a vital role in what the smart tv returns or displays.

Sometimes the horizontal lines on the TV screen Samsung indicate the display has been damaged or starting to become black of death. Although the issue is tough there is the easiest way of fixing Samsung TV Horizontal Lines on the Screen.

Why Samsung TV Horizontal Lines on Screen Causes

horizontal lines on tv screen samsung

Samsung TV Horizontal Lines on Screen indicate graphic failure, loose input cables, and damage to the screen. The broken or loose cable can’t deliver the output from the source.

As a result, you may see impurities or reduced images on the LCD or display. The graphic system failure halts the proper image rendering on the screen.

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For instance, when the image has reduced quality or can’t load properly. The horizontal line appears on the TV screen. Before, solving the issue on your Smart Tv.

You should know about the actual reason causing the problem. Some core reasons behind the horizontal line on the Tv screen Samsung are listed down below:

  1. Input cables Issue: When the input cable is not properly connected between the smart hub and the smart Tv. The picture is not loaded on the screen, and the lines appear on the screen. However, replugging the cable is recommended to fix the issue.
  2. Incompatible Image Resolution: The display error occurs when the image size is different from the smart TV’s resolution. Too many big or small images also bring the lines on the television screen. Simply, change the picture resolution to fix this problem.
  3. Outdated Firmware: If your smart TV has not been updated for a long time, your chance of getting lines are high. The outdated graphic drivers can’t process the latest or high-resolution picture. However, updating the System software fixes the issue.
  4. Damage or Broken Panel: The lines on the Screen usually occur on gate driver failure. It is part of the panel. If your Tv screen is broken or damaged, lines occur on the damaged part.

Ways to Fix Samsung TV Horizontal Lines on Screen

To fix Samsung TV Horizontal Lines on Screen, you have to apply these instructions step-by-step. In addition, the underlying methods apply to every Samsung Smart TV model. You can easily try the following method:

Method 1: Verify whether the Lines are Permanent or Moving

samsung tv horizontal lines on screen

First of all, check whether the lines on the screen are moving or permanent. If the lines on the screen are moving it means the HDMI cable, and DVD cable is not properly connected.

In that case, disconnect and then reconnect the HDMI cable properly on both the smart TV and hub. After that, check if the issue persists.

If the lines on the screen are permanent, the LCD panel is damaged. In that case, you have to replace the panel with a new one.

However, permanent lines usually occur on the panel due to water damage, broken screen, and gate driver failure. We recommend visiting the nearest Samsung Service center to replace the LCD screen.

Method 2: Perform Picture Test

The picture test is a feature on the Samsung smart Tv that self-diagnoses the screen problem and gives a positive conclusion. This feature enables Smart TV to run troubleshooting for the display-related problem. A picture test is very helpful to check whether the smart Tv is compatible with the image or not.

However, your Tv should be from 2018 to 2021 to use this feature. Unfortunately, the older version of Samsung smart Tv has not contain this feature. Follow the given instructions to fix Samsung TV Horizontal Lines on Screen:

  1. On the TV remote, press the “Home” button to open the Smart hub menu. Select Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Support tab and then select Device Care.
Image: Samsung.com

3. Now, the device will perform a Quick Scan. It may take a few minutes to run the scan.
4. Once it completes, select Self Diagnosis from the bottom.
5. Use the scroll across key, select Picture Test, and then select OK.

Samsung TV Horizontal Line on Screen
Image: Samsung

6. Now check if the error persists.

Method 3: Update Samsung TV Firmware

If the previous method doesn’t work on your smart tv fix Samsung TV Horizontal Lines on Screen. You should try to update your smart tv. The update brings more features and patches for the error.

For instance, updating the firmware will fix this issue. The firmware update also consists graphic drive update. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the unexpected lines on the screen. To update Samsung Tv firmware, apply these steps.

  1. On the tv remote, press the “Home” button to launch Smart Hub.
  2. Navigate to Settings and then select Support.
  3. Select Software Update and then select Update Now.
  4. Now, the updated file will begin to download.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the update.
  6. Check if the error is gone away.

Method 4: Factory Reset your Smart TV

If your smart Tv is already running on the latest firmware version. However, Samsung TV Horizontal Lines on Screen mean the source is corrupted or the graphic driver is corrupted. The best way of fixing this issue is to Factory reset.

In addition, factory reset deletes everything and returns the tv to default settings. Backup of your user’s data for the future is compulsory before performing a factory reset. After that, apply the given instructions.

  1. Press the “Home” button and then select Settings.
  2. Navigate to General and then select Reset.
  3. Enter default reset Pin.
  4. Select Reset and then OK.
  5. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the reset.
  6. Once it is complete, set up your Tv and then check if the problem persists.

Final Thoughts

Horizont Samsung TV Horizontal Lines on Screen are caused due to both hardware and software issues. For instance, if the line is permanent it is a hardware issue. Otherwise, the lines are moving which can fix easily with these troubleshooting methods.

However, the most important part is inserting the HDMI cable. Most of the significant users have reported that horizontal lines appear on not properly inserted HDMI cables. If your smart tv is causing the issue, you should try a picture test. Doing this can fix the issue.

However, this feature is only for newer Samsung smart TVs. You have to make sure your smart tv is up to date. If it is not then, the chances of getting the error are high. Lastly, if none of the methods works to fix the issue. Then factory reset your smart TV.

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FAQ on Samsung TV Horizontal Lines on Screen

What do lines on a TV screen mean?

Ans: The lines on the TV screen mean the input cable i.e HDMI is not connected properly. However, if the lines are moving, disconnect and reconnect the cable.

How long should a TV last?

Ans: The lifespan of a Smart TV is about 60,000-100,000 hours. The plasma TV lasts long rather than LCD and LED TVs.

Can you fix a TV screen with lines?

Ans: Only the lines which are occurred due to damage or screen cracks can’t be fixed. However, it can be replaced with the new one. Other lines can be easily fixed.

What causes moving horizontal lines on the TV screen?

Ans: The TV connection is the cause behind the moving horizontal lines on the TV screen. However, the prevention of moving lines is inserting the HDMI cable properly.

How do I fix vertical lines on my Samsung TV?

Ans: You can fix the vertical lines on Samsung Tv is by following the same instructions as the horizontal lines. For instance, disconnecting and re-inserting the HDMI cable properly.

Why is there a line on my Samsung TV?

Ans: There is a line on Samsung TV because HDMI, PC, Video, etc cables are not connected properly. Make sure to insert the cable properly in the smart hub and tv.

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  1. I have a single horizontal line in the middle of the tv. The size of a fine pencil line. Above the line the picture is good. Below the line, I can see faint horizontal lines going to the bottom of the screen.

  2. I have nothing but horz lines on my UN46C6500. Replaced both the main and T-conn board, no difference. The lines are always in a different place each time I power it up and after a few seconds, vertical lines start to appear. WEIRD!!! I don’t buy Samsung ANYTHING, this TV belongs to a friend at work and I’m just about ready to throw in the towel.


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