Samsung Smart View No TV Found Fixed

Have you ever cast your smartphone’s screen to a smart TV screen? Well, if you have then you have probably used the Samsung Smart View app. However, sometimes the Samsung smart TV no tv found message appears on the screen.

This message appears when the TV’s name does not come on the smart view search list. In addition, this could occur when the smart tv and smartphones are not on the same network. There are many reasons for causing this problem.

In this article, we’ll be going to discuss Samsung smart view no tv found the problem. If you are encountering this problem, you are in the right place. We are going to troubleshoot this problem and you’ll be able to cast it into your smart TV.

Samsung Smart View No TV Found Problem

Samsung Smart View No TV Found

Smart View is a feature or app that allows casting the contents from smartphones, and laptops to Samsung smart TV. In addition, it helps to enjoy the multimedia content from other devices on a wider screen.

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Before casting the content, users must select the device. If you do not get the smart TV’s model number or name on the smart view app. There might be some technical difficulties that could prevent smart tv visibility.

Moreover, there are many reasons behind Samsung smart view no TV found the issue. Some popular problems are listed below:

  1. Bug and Glitch
  2. Devices on different networks.
  3. Outdated Smart View app.
  4. Unsupported Device.

Troubleshoot Samsung Smart View No TV Found

Although this problem is very common and can be frustrating to the users. However, it can easily be resolved and smart TV can easily be visible on the smart view app. Here are the instructions to fix Samsung smart view no tv found problem:

Method 1: Setup Smart View

Before trying to cast into a smart TV, the smart view app should be configured properly. If you are unable to find the smart tv on smart view, the app could have configurations problems. For instance, some permission might be disabled on the app.

Make sure all the permission and features are enabled on smart view app. Likewise, open smart view app on smart tv and then open the setting. Now, look for device visibility. Make sure it is enabled. If not then enable it.

Method 2: Use Same Network

To use screencasting feature both device should be on same network. For instance, smart TV and smartphone must be connected on a same wifi. When the devices are on different network. It is hard to get device on smart view app.

As a result, Samsung smart view no tv found problem persists. If the smart tv and smartphone or other device is connect on different network. Then disconnect it and then connect the smart tv as well as the smartphone on same wifi network.

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The internet connection must be good and stable in order to cast the content without any issue. Therefore, make sure to use fast and stable network to use smart view feature. Once the task is completed.

Refresh the smart view app and then search for smart TV. If the both devices are on same network, the TV will be found by the smart view app. Afterward, enjoy multimedia content on wider screen.

Method 3: Disable VPN

If the VPN is connected on your smart TV or PC, smartphone. Then the nearby sharing feature will be useless. Since, VPN hides the location of a device. It also interferas the network. As the result, your PC or phone won’t be able to use smart view app. The smart view won’t be able to find the TV.

VPN mask the IP address with private network. The VPN connected device will be same as the device connected on different network. As the result, smart view won’t detect the smart TV. However, you can easily resolve this feature after disabling the VPN on your device.

Make sure phone and smart tv are disconnected the VPN. If the VPN is still activate, disconnect it and clear the VPN app from the recent app list. Now, refresh the smart view app and then try looking for TV.

If everything is clear and both device are on same network, the TV will appear on the casting list. Now, select your Samsung smart TV to initiate the cast.

Method 4: Update Smart View App

Samsung smart view no tv found

Another reason that persist Samsung smart view no tv found problem is outdated version of the app. It is not compulsory to have the latest version of the app to function it properly. However, it is recommended to have update time to time.

Updating the app regularly, you can get a bug/glitch free app. In addition, the update bring patch to fix bug and glitch on the app. It also make device more compatible to the app. Overall all the update is very important. It improves the apps.

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Similarly, if you are having difficult to find the TV on smart view. Then make sure to update smart view app. It is better to have updated version of app to get the device more compatible. To update the app on your Samsung phone.

Go to Galaxy store and then tap on Menu. After that tap on Updates and then tap on Update all. Now all the pending updates will start downloading. If you do not see the smart view on the update available list. Search for Smart View and then tap on update.

The update will automatically get installed. Afteward, you can run the smart view app without having any problems and glitches. Now, you can use Smart View app to cast into the smart TV.

Final Thoughts

Samsung smart view no tv found is a problem that occurs when the smart TV and phone are not connected on the same network. The smart view app is unable to search for the device. However, you can easily troubleshoot this problem.

Make sure both devices are connected to same network. After that, disable VPN and use up to date software. Applying these instructions helps to fix the problem. If you are having any issue related smart view, leave us a comment.

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FAQ about Samsung Smart View App No TV Found

1. Why is smart view not finding my TV?

Ans: Smart view not finding the TV occurs when tv and phone are not connected to same network. Make sure to use same wifi network to get tv visibility on smart view app.

2. Why won’t my Samsung Smart View connect?

Ans: Samsung Smart View only works on authorized Samsung products. The smart view access has been remove from third-party peripherals.

3. Why won’t my smart TV cast my phone?

Ans: The smart view app might be incompatible on the phone due to outdated version. Make sure to update it to latest version to get casting feature working.

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