8 Easiest Ways to Fix Samsung TV Black Screen of Death

Watching the TV on the wider screen is fun. It provides a more accurate visual color and detail of the picture. However, sometimes Samsung TV Black Screen of Death issue prevents the content delivering on the screen.

As a result, the tv screen goes black but the sound still works. The smart tv screen turns black because there could be loose in the cable placement. You can easily fix this issue and there is nothing to worry about.

Samsung TV Black Screen of Death occurs when the input source is unable to send the data into the TV. However, the main culprit could be the corrupted input source or there might be some hardware failure.

The Tv screen turns black. Therefore, most of the users think this issue is unsolvable. In order to get rid of the screen death issue on Samsung Tv. Apply the instructions mentioned in this article.

What is Samsung TV Black Screen of Death

Samsung TV Black Screen of Death

The black screen of death is an issue where the screen gets black but the sound, as well as other functions, are working. In addition, it is the condition of the display is not giving the output due to some technical or hardware problem.

There are many things that are responsible for encountering Samsung TV’s black screen of death issue. The black screen also indicates the smart Tv is turned off.

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You can identify the issue is a screen of death. The TV has sound but the picture. Make sure the power led is turned on. If the Tv screen is still black but there is no light then there could be an issue with the power supply.

Make sure the TV is getting the proper amount of voltage. Here are some points that are the reason, you have encountered the death screen issue:

Causes of Black Screen of Death on Samsung Smart TV

  1. Improper Cable Connection: There could be the chance of the HDMI port is not properly connected between the TV and smart hub. For instance, loose HDMI is not only the culprit. However, the power source and ethernet or another connector like DVD can also cause issues.
  2. Corrupted Source: If the source is itself having the problem, how could the tv receives the source to display on the screen. Check if the cable box, smart hub get away with this error.
  3. Input Setting Problem: There might be input settings that have not optimized. However, the incompatible setting may cause a black screen death issue. Improve the TV settings to troubleshoot the issue.
  4. Outdated Firmware: The issue might get triggered when the display settings are obsolete in the firmware. Therefore, the system software should be up to dated in order to fix this problem.
  5. Power Saver mode/Sleep Timer: The TV automatically sleeps within a second of time. In addition, the smart TV’s main purpose is to save energy consumption. Due to this, the tv screen gets turned off or blackouts. Consider turning off such kind of power-efficient settings on the smart TV.
  6. Hardware Issue: There could be the chance of the display broken or short-circuit the motherboard of the TV. For instance, fault on the hardware like LCD, board, chips causes the black screen of death issue on Samsung TV.

Troubleshooting Ways for Black Screen of Death on Samsung TV

To fix the black screen of death on Samsung Tv. You have to apply these instructions to your smart TV.

However, you have to follow the instructions serial wise and not all the methods are compulsory to follow.

Method 1: Connect the Cables Properly

Samsung TV Black Screen of Death

Ensure all the external cables are properly connected to the smart TV and smart hub. However, if the cable is loose or partially connected. Then connect it properly which may lead you to the solution of the black screen of death issue.

You should plug all the cables tightly and in the correct order. However, the input cable is not only the factor that is causing this problem. The power source cable is also the core reason to encounter the death of the screen.

The easiest way to fix the issue is to plug the cable carefully. After that, you have to verify each of the cables is connected properly. To do that, Samsung smart TVs have a built-in feature that checks and verifies the connection of cables.

Go to Settings > Support > Device Care > Self Diagnosis > Signal Information. Check the report of the connection in the signal history. If some cables are not providing the signals, reinsert them properly.

Method 2: Use Power Management Devices

samsung tv black screen of death

Sometimes the Tv is not getting the proper amount of voltage or power. The voltage should be balanced in order to use the smart TV. If the voltage is extremely low or high, then a black screen of death on the smart TV occurs.

However, you have to manage the voltage. The voltage management devices like Voltguard or UPS can balance the voltage on the smart TV. We recommend installing a power management device in your home to avoid this issue.

Method 3: Verify the Input Source

If the cable connections are working fine, this means there is a problem with the input source. However, the input source may not be working. You can easily check if the input source is corrupted.

In addition, you have to notice where you are getting the screen of death issue. Either, connecting on the smart hub, DVD, or any OTA service.

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Once you noticed the screen death issue, ensure to recheck the source. Sometimes the service may unavailable at the moment. However, contact consumer support for further assistance on the input source problem.

Method 4: Set TV Input Correctly

These days the smart tv comes with a variety of features. In addition, the features function under the settings. Samsung TV black screen issue might be occurred due to an incorrect source setting.

In order to fix this issue, you have to set all the settings correctly. To do that, you have to grab a Samsung TV remote. After that, follow the given instructions easily:

  1. Press the External Power Source button on the remote.
  2. Navigate to Input Settings and then Check all the TV inputs are enabled.
  3. Set all the input source settings correctly.
  4. Save the Settings and then check if the error still persists.

Method 5: Turn off Sleep Timer / Power Saver Mode

When want to save the energy consumption on the electric appliance. You probably set the smart TV into a sleep timer or turn the power-saving mode. In addition, the feature allows you to close the background app uses on the smart TV.

However, if your smart tv has set the sleep timer or power saver mode. This means, turning off these features may lead you to fix the Black screen of death issue.

Apply the underlying instructions to turn off the sleep timer and power saver mode respectively:

Instructions to turn off Sleep Timer on Samsung TV:

  1. On the TV remote, press the “Home” button to open the menu.
  2. Navigate to Settings and then Time.
  3. Select Sleep Timer and then switch it off.
Samsung tv black screen of death

On the other side, here are the instructions to Turn off Power Saver mode:

  1. Use your remote to open the menu.
  2. Navigate to Settings and then Energy Saving Mode.
  3. Choose Off from the option.

Once you turn off both features on your smart TV, now it’s time to check if the error still persists. However, if you encounter this issue again, move to another method.

Method 6: Update your Smart TV

The obsolete display setting on the firmware is the culprit for causing the Samsung TV’s black screen of death issue. However, you can easily up to date the display setting of your smart Tv after the system update.

The black screen of death prevents the visual content from displaying. Therefore, most of the users get confused and feel uncomfortable performing the firmware update.

There are various ways to update the firmware of Samsung TVs. If the black screen is temporary and shows infrequently. Then, you can easily perform the update from the setting.

To do that, navigate to Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now. Afterward, the firmware updating process begins. The smart TV may reboot automatically during the process.

However, when the problem is permanent then you have to update the system from USB. Both methods of upgrading the system software are easy.

Read our guide on Update Samsung Smart TV Via USB. The methods are very simple and easy to perform. Once the TV is up to date, check if the error has gone away.

Method 6: Factory Reset your Smart TV

If your smart TV is already up to date, but you are still getting the error. However, in this case, you have to factory reset your Smart TV. It will surely fix the black screen issue on your Smart Tv. Make sure to back up your user data.

In addition, the factory resetting removes everything from the smart TV. As the result, your tv is reset to the default setting. To do that, follow the instructions to factory reset Samsung TV.

  1. Using the tv remote, navigate to Settings.
  2. Select Support and then Self Diagnosis.
  3. Select Reset and then enter on the Security Pin option.
  4. Click Yes and then follow the on-screen instruction to comply with the resetting process.

Once the factory resetting process completes, you have to set up the TV. Make sure to set everything correctly on the setup. Therefore, there is less chance of getting errors on a well-set-up smart tv.

If you want to restore your user data on the smart TV. Then sync the smart TV with your Samsung account. This will automatically restore all the data from the previous backup.

Method 7: Visit for Technical Support

Unfortunately, if none of the methods worked on your smart Tv to fix the Samsung TV’s black screen of death issue. There might be a display or other hardware damage. Check if there is any physical damage to the smart TV.

If there is one then the issue is caused due to it. However, there might be no sign of external damage. In that case, there might be internal damage to the smart TV.

ardware damage is easily repaired these days. You should seek professional support in order to repair your broken smart TV.

If your smart TV is still on warranty, the repairing cost won’t be charged by the Samsung customer service. Therefore, you have to contact Samsung consumer support for repair requests.

Final Thoughts

Samsung Tv black screen of death issue is a display problem. It occurs due to loose cable or hardware fault. However, you can easily fix this issue after inserting the cables into the ports correctly.

Changing the input source and set all the features correctly also helps to prevent this issue. If you want your TV to perform better then make sure to disable all the power-saving modes.

The up-to-date setting also helps to minimize the chance of getting a black screen. Therefore, make sure to update your smart Tv regularly. You can perform a factory reset to set tv into default settings.

Lastly, you should visit the shop for regular maintenance of your Smart TV. Moreover, here is the commonly asked question by users on this topic.

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FAQ on Samsung Black Screen of Death

1. Why has my Samsung TV screen gone black?

Ans: The black screen means the TV is turned off. If there is sound and the TV screen has gone black this means the screen of death. Make sure to plug the cables correctly and use an authorized input source.

2. What to do when your TV turns on but the screen is black?

Ans: The first step you should turn off your smart tv and perform the power cycling. After that, check if the error is still occurring. After that, apply the instruction mentioned in this guide.

3. What causes black screen of death Samsung?

Ans: Loose cables, incorrect input settings, and input source problems are the main causes of the black screen of death on Samsung TV.

4. Why is my TV on but no picture?

Ans: Tv is on but there is no picture. This means there is no input source connected to the Smart TV.

5. How do I check my TV is still on warranty?

Ans: The warranty on electronic appliances is for 1 year. To verify the Tv is on warranty, check the expiry date on the warranty certificate. If the certificate has crossed the deadline, the warranty has expired.

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  1. My tv went out yesterday. It started just going on and off and had to unplug to stop it. I left it unplugged all day and when I plugged it back In I get sound but no picture and it looks like the backlight is on. I tried different sources with cable box and fire stick. I want to update the software but I can’t see anything on it cause there’s no picture.

  2. I like how you tell us how to fix a no screen issue. By going thru the TV’s settings to kick on auto diagnose. How the heck do you see the menus?

  3. Found this: Unplug the TV, then hold the TV’s (not remote’s) power button down for 60 seconds to discharge the power from the TV. Plug back in. I guess this does a factory reset?


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