Samsung TV volume stuck on 100 Fixed

Sometimes when you are raising the volume up on your smart tv using the remote. It glitches and freezes for a second. In addition, Samsung TV volume stuck on 100. It happens when you are trying to maximize the volume of the smart television.

The volume stuck at 100 because of many reasons. However, the most common culprit behind the Samsung TV volume stuck on 100 is a damaged remote. If the remote is broken, it won’t function properly.

Thus, you may encounter several issues regarding the remote issue. If you are looking to troubleshoot Samsung TV volume stuck on 100 issues. In this blog post, we will discuss what causes the volume stuck issue and how to get rid of it.

Samsung TV Volume Stuck on 100

Samsung TV Volume Stuck on 100 fixed

Basically, the volume gets stuck when a user continuously presses the volume button. It happens because the TV is unable to increase the volume by more than 100.

There could be a remote fault for glitching the control of the smart tv. However, this kind of issue occurs when the smart tv is not properly synced with the remote. If the Samsung TV failed to sync the tv, the function gets glitched.

This issue is very common and likely to occur when it’s not fixed properly. Samsung smart tv automatically glitches sometimes. It might be due to the cache or corrupted data problem.

However, let’s consider it as a bug on the smart tv. If it’s a generic bug then it can easily be fixed after power cycling the tv. For instance, if it won’t then, the manufacturer will patch the bug in the upcoming firmware update.

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If you have connected the home theater or a soundbar. The issue may have originated from there. But it can only happen when the smart tv remote has no issue. Similarly, Samsung TV volume stuck on 100’s core reason is damaged or malfunctioning tv remote.

How to Fix Samsung TV Volume stuck on 100

In order to fix the Samsung tv volume stuck on 100 problems. You Should have to apply these instructions that are mentioned here.

Before that, make sure your TV remote is working properly and has a battery. Once after that, have a look at the solving methods listed here:

Method 1: Check the Remote

It is very necessary to check and verify the smart tv remote is working properly. However, sometimes the remote may have some issues. As a result, the tv has stuck on the volume.

Firstly, you have to replace the smart tv battery. In addition, doing this can help you check if the battery is properly placed. When the battery placement is correct.

This means the battery has no power. We recommend replacing the battery with new ones. Afterward, try pressing the volume button.

If the error is still there, the remote is damaged. Search for some spot of damage or broken. You can try another remote or use your smartphone as a remote.

Important: Contact the nearest Samsung customer service center for remote repair.

Method 2: Power Cycle the TV

If there is no issue with the remote, the error still persists. This means there is a problem with the smart tv. However, it can be easily fixed by power cycling the smart tv.

Power cycling disconnects the device from the power source. As a result, the tv clears all the app data, cache and free up some of the memory, etc.

First of all, turn off your smart tv and then disconnect it from the power supply. Disconnecting from the power supply is compulsory during the process.

Wait for 10-15 minutes. After that, reconnect the tv to the power source. Check if the volume is still stuck once the tv turns on.

Method 3: Pair the Remote

Sometimes the remote suddenly disconnects from the smart tv. As a result, you are no longer able to control the smart tv using the remote. In addition, you have to repair the remote with tv.

To control the tv again. If you are stuck on something while using the remote. There could be chances of remote unpaired. You can easily fix the volume stuck on the Samsung tv issue.

Just by pairing the remote with tv again. To do that, apply the given instructions step-by-step as mentioned below:

Samsung TV Volume Stuck at 100
  1. On the remote, press and hold the Return and Play/Pause button for at least 5 seconds.
  2. After that, the TV and remote start syncing.

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Method 4: Reset Remote

If your TV is still stuck on volume 100, it means the remote is corrupted. However, the remote will be easily fixed after resetting.

  1. Remove batteries from the remote.
  2. Press the power button for at least 8 seconds to reset the tv remote.
  3. Now, reinsert the battery into the remote.
  4. Using the above instructions, pair the Remote with tv.

Once it’s done, press the volume button and then see the result. However, this may fix the problem.

Method 5: Reset Volume Settings

It is possible that the volume setting has been configured incorrectly. Thus, the reason you encounter Samsung TV volume stuck on 100. 

However, this issue can be easily fixed after resetting the volume settings. To do that:

  1. Navigate to Settings from the sound panel.
  2. Select Sound and then Expert Settings.
  3. Select Reset sound and then Reset.
  4. Now, the sound settings have been erased to the default.

Method 6: Factory reset tv

Sometimes resetting the tv remote is not enough. It is because some settings may get modified. Therefore, we suggest that you do not change the setting that you are unfamiliar with.

As a result, there are more chances of getting errors. However, Factory resetting the smart tv deletes all of your user data and everything turns as default.

Factory resetting the smart tv easily fixes the volume stuck issue. Follow the underlying instructions to Factory reset Samsung tv:

  1. On the tv menu, navigate to Settings and then Support.
  2. Select Self-Diagnosis and then Reset.
  3. Enter security pin.

Once the factory reset is complete, the configuration menu appears on the screen. Therefore, a reset tv needs to be set up. Afterward, check if the problem is gone away.

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Final Thoughts

Samsung TV volume stuck on 100 is likely to occur when the remote is damaged or malfunctioning. However, this can be fixed after checking the remote’s condition.

If the physical state of the remote is fine. There could be a problem with its software part. In other words, the remote may be unpaired at the moment.

Reset the remote and then pair it with the tv. However, the last method is to reset the volume settings and the smart tv. Thus, these methods keep the Samsung tv from getting stuck.

FAQ About Samsung Tv Volume Stuck on 100

1. Why is my TV stuck on full volume?

Answer: Tv stuck on full volume because there could be the problem on the soundbar or sound settings.

2. Why is my Samsung TV mute?

Answer: Samsung tv itself mutes when the there are old batteries on the remote. Sometimes maybe the smart tv is not synced with the remote.

3. What is Auto Volume on Samsung TV?

Ans: Auto volume on Samsung tv is a feature that prevents sound fluctuation while changing the channels.

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