Vizio TV Not Connecting to WiFi Fixed


When your Vizio Tv is unable to connect to the WIFI, you cannot stream online content. In addition, the tv won’t get updated whether system or application. Vizio Tv not connecting to WiFi issue is caused due to the incorrect network configuration. This problem prevents you from enjoying online content on a bigger screen.

Before watching or exploring the internet content, you have to set up smart tv. However, connecting to the wifi is considered the first step while setting up the tv. If you use apps like Netflix, YouTube TV, and Disney plus, it requires an internet connection.

To stream online smart tv should have a working internet connection. In addition, when Vizio Tv does not connect to the WiFi issue occurs all the apps which require an internet connection won’t work. To solve this issue, learn how to fix Vizio Tv not connecting to WiFi.

Vizio TV Not Connecting to WiFi

vizio tv not connecting to wifi

There are various reasons why Vizio smart cast cannot connect to the WiFi. Internet connection may have problems. There may be an issue with WiFi and your smart tv itself. For instance, both the router and tv may also have connection problems.

Despite many reasons preventing Vizio smart tv from connecting to the WiFi. There are solutions on how to resolve the issues on your own. Try these instructions to fix Vizio Tv unable to connect to the WiFi.

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Method 1: Test your WiFi Connection

First of all, you have to check whether your internet connection is working or not. To do that you have to perform the speed test of your WiFi connection. Open a web browser and then search for For instance, you can use another device to test the internet speed.

If the internet connects to your device, the problem is with your Smart Tv. However, if the internet does not work on other devices then, try resolving the WiFi network.

Method 2: Power Cycle your Device

Power cycling simply turns off your device until the power is drained. In addition, power cycle all the devices which are linked to the Tv i.e the Tv and the router. Follow these instructions step-by-step to perform a power cycle:

  1. Turn off your Vizio smart cast tv and unplug it.
  2. Disconnect the router and modem from the power source as well.
  3. Wait for 5-10 minutes.
  4. After that, replug your SmartCast tv into the wall socket.
  5. Same as for the router and the modem.
  6. Turn on the tv and then check error is gone or still exists.

Method 3: Enable DHCP on Your Smart Tv

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol which assigns IP addresses for each device on the network. The IP address is unique for each device in the network. However, sometimes two or more device has the same IP address.

That prevents the internet from working and WiFi from being connected. Enabling the DHCP on your device prevents such errors from causing. To do that,

  1. On your Tv, remote, press the Home button.
  2. Go to Network and then select Manual Setup.
  3. Select DHCP and then check the enable option.
vizio tv not connecting to wifi Fixed

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TIPS: If DHCP is already enabled on your smartcast tv then disable it. After that, re-enable it.

Once you enabled the DHCP settings, save the settings and then check if the error persists.

Method 4: Change Wi-Fi Password

Sometimes, there are a lot of devices are connected to the same network. It makes the network busy and the tv cannot connect to the WIFI. To fix the issue, you have to change the WiFi password from the router.

Open your router’s Cpanel and then change the password. After that, enter the Wi-Fi network password to join the connection.

Method 5: Change Router Settings to WPA-PSK [TKIP]

The network configuration on Vizio SmartCast tv works best on WPA-PSK [TKIP] encryption enabled. To reset the gateway setting, you have to consult with your ISP.

There are different ISP so changing or resetting the router gateway setting may cause problems. We recommend asking your ISP to change the router encryption type.

Method 5: Switch to Wired Connection

If your Vizio SmartCast tv has an ethernet port on its backside, connect it directly to the router or the modem with an ethernet cable. If your tv gets an internet connection via ethernet cable then TV’s wireless adapter is broken.

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Method 6: Factory Resetting Vizio SmartCast Tv

Unfortunately, if none of the methods worked on your Vizio SmartCast tv to connect to the WiFi. You may try to factory reset your SmartCast tv. Factory reset means deleting everything permanently and changing your Tv to its factory default setting.

Follow the instructions to perform a factory reset on your Vizio SmartCast Tv:

  1. Press the Menu button on your TV’s remote.
  2. Navigate to the System and then select Reset & Admin.
  3. Select Clear memory (Factory default) or Reset Tv to Factory Defaults to reset.
Vizio not connecting to wifi

once the reset is completed, your Tv will turn off. After that, it will turn on the original setup screen. Carefully input your information while setting up. Now, check if the error is gone away.

Final Thoughts

Vizio Tv not connecting to the WIFI issue can be fixed by enabling the DHCP setting on your Tv. However, if there is a problem with your WIFI then solve it. Most of the time, a wireless signal is blocked by electromagnetic objects.

If it is around the surrounding, remove it. Sometimes SmartCast tv is incompatible with the network encryption setting. You have to consult with the ISP to change the encryption type.

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FAQ on Vizio SmartCast Tv not Connecting to WiFi

Why won’t my TV connect to my WiFi?

Ans: Tv unable to connect to the WiFi connection because of the issue on the router or the tv itself. Sometimes wireless security encryption is incompatible with the tv.

What is WPA-PSK [TKIP]?

Ans: WPA-PSK [TKIP] is a standard form of WPA encryption.

What is DHCP?

Ans: DHCP refers to Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It provides IP addresses to the devices which are connected to the network.

Does a Vizio TV have a reset button?

Ans: There is no reset button on the Vizio TV remote. However, to reset SmartCast Tv you have to follow the instructions manual.

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  1. I live in what use to be a motel. There are 10 rooms. 4 other smart TV’s are working fine on the single router in the main office. It has a strong signal. I tested it with my phone. But my vizio will not connect. I have tried everything I can try. Of course I can’t change the router.what can I do now????

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