Samsung TV Error Code 118 Fixed


The smart Tv app store lets you download and install third-party applications on your television. Sometimes if you try to attempt to download the apps on your smart tv. There is an error that occurred called error code 118.

In addition, the Samsung Tv error code 118 happens when the smart hub is unable to establish the connection between the Samsung server.

This issue is related to the network problems since there is an internet connection prevented. When you try to update the app on your smart tv but there is an issue with the smart hub.

There is a chance of getting error code 118 on your smart tv. This error usually occurs while downloading an app like YouTube TV, Vudu, Facebook Tv, etc.

The major cause of this error is the smart hub’s inability to connect to the Samsung server. Despite there are many errors causing Samsung Tv error code 188, we have two methods to fix it.

Samsung TV Error Code 118

samsung tv error code 118 fixed

If your Samsung smart tv is showing an error code 118 messages, the downloading process is interrupted. However, the error prevents the app from being updated to the newest version. Therefore, there are more chances of getting other errors.

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When apps are not updated in time. Samsung server enables to download of the app over the internet via its app store. However, if the smart hub is unable to connect to the server occurs the problem.

There are various major causes for error 118 on your Samsung smart tv. In addition, we have listed some of the core reasons for Samsung Tv error code 118:

  • Slow internet connection
  • DNS issue
  • Smart hub corrupts files or configurations, etc.

Troubleshoot for Samsung TV Error Code 118

These are the possible reasons for the smart hub’s inability to connect to the Samsung server. However, Smart tv’s issue can be fixed despite corrupted data or issues with configuration. Here are some of the measures to troubleshoot Samsung Tv error code 118:

Method 1: Power Cycling

Power cycling is the process of surging the power from the source to the device. To fix the issue you have to complete the power cycle of the device which is used or connected to the Tv and smart hub. Simply, you have to turn off the power from the device.

For instance, power cycle the Television, smart hub, and router. After the devices are turned off, disconnect the power supply cable. Wait for at least 15 minutes.

Again, reconnect the power supply cables to their destination and then turn on the device. Once it is down, try downloading apps.

Method 2: Reset Smart Hub

If you encounter an error but your internet connection is working on your smart tv. It means there is an issue with the smart hub. Therefore, the smart hub causes problems when its data is corrupted.

In such a case, you have to reset the smart hub to resolve the problems. Follow the instructions in order to reset the smart hub to fix the issues:

1. On the tv remote, press the Home button to open the launcher menu.
2. Go to Settings and then select Support.
3. Select Self Diagnosis and then Reset Smart Hub.

can't download app from app store

4. Follow on-screen instructions.

Once the smart hub reset is completed, reboot your smart hub and tv. Now, go to the app store and highlight the application to download on your smart tv. If you sign in to your Samsung account on the smart hub.

The previously installed application will start downloading. However, resetting deletes everything but linked accounts and applications that can be restored from the Samsung account.

Method 3: Set Up DNS

When the network configuration is incorrect on your smart tv. The smart hub is unable to connect to the server. In order to provide a stable connection to the Smart hub, we have to set up DNS.

For instance, DNS improves network stability and increases speed. Follow the instructions to change the DNS setting on Samsung Tv:

  1. Go to Settings and then select Network.
  2. Select Network Status and then IP settings.
  3. Choose Enter manually and then enter

Method 4: Switch the Network Connection

After resetting the smart hub on your Samsung smart tv, if you encounter the error 118 again. Therefore, there is an issue with the connection. To resolve the network connectivity on your smart tv, change the connection medium or switch to another network.

You can use a mobile hotspot to test the smart hub establishing the connection to the server. On your smartphone, turn the mobile hotspot and then enable the mobile data.

Now, grab your TV’s remote and then connect to the mobile hotspot. After that, go to the app store and then download the app. To connect the server, the connection should be stronger enough.

If your tv is connected to the wifi but cannot download the application, switch to ethernet. Therefore, this method works if your smart tv is far from the router.

Method 5: Reset Network

Unfortunately, none of the methods worked to solve the error. It means it’s time to reset the network. In addition, to delete all the issues on the network configuration. To do that,

  1. From the Settings, go to Network.
  2. Select Reset Network.
Samsung TV error code 118

Afterward, you have to connect to the wifi network. Select your wifi network and then enter your password. Now, go to the apps store and then try downloading apps.

Final Thoughts

Samsung Tv error code 118 can be fixed by resetting the smart hub. This error blocks apps from downloading from the app store. If your internet connection is causing the issue, switch to another network.

However, this error is caused due to internet connection failure. Once you solve the internet connection issue on your smart tv, the error will no longer occur and the app can be downloaded smoothly.

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FAQ on Samsung Tv error code 118

Why is my Samsung Smart TV not connecting to the Internet?

Ans: The network may get busy sometimes. Samsung smart tv cannot connect to the internet when the internet is blocked by the ISP. Sometimes, the tv is unable to connect to the internet due to outdated firmware.

What is error 118?

Ans: Samsung smart tv error 118 means the app cannot be downloaded from the app store because smart hub’s inability to connect to the Samsung server.

  1. I have been able to download Disney+, Espn+ and when I try to install Hulu I get the error code 118 right after the hulu installing icon has reached 100%. I have tried every suggested method to resolve this…………

    1. It means your tv is incompatible with the latest version of the app. However, you can still get this issue troubleshot at the Samsung customer care center.

  2. Error 118 for hulu out of nowhere. I just renewed my monthly subscription too! This is getting frustrating. It’s bad enough I all of a sudden had no memory on my TV out of nowhere and now I cannot use my app I pay for. I am getting really disappointed in Samsung. I’ve just Bout had it. I used to love their products and now I hate them. Now what am I supposed to do???!!! I’ve done everything on here and still throws 118 code grrrr!

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