3 Ways to Fix Liftmaster Error Code 4-6

Liftmaster Error code 4-6

Liftmaster Error Code 4-6 indicates the garage door opener is not closing using the remote. In addition, it means the sensor is blocked as a result moment is obstructed. This problem occurs when the sensor is obstructed.

When the up arrow flashes 4 times followed by the down arrow flashes 6 times. In addition, this light flashing represents or indicates the sensor is misaligned or obstructed. This problem usually happens on a Security+ 2.0 garage door opener.

There could be many reasons behind this issue. In addition, we are going to discuss Liftmaster error codes 4-6 and share some troubleshooting measures for this problem.

What Causes Liftmaster Error Code 4-6

Liftmaster error code 4-6 appears when the sensor is obstructed or misaligned. This problem usually occurs while closing the garage door opener using the remote. In other words, it is the momentary block of the garage door opener due to the sensor obstruction or misaligning.

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To fix this problem you have to realign the sensor and prevent it from being obstructed. Here is the troubleshooting measure to resolve Liftmaster error codes 4-6:

How to Fix Liftmaster Error Code 4-6

The initial way of getting rid of Liftmaster error codes 4-6 is to verify whether the safety reverse sensor is installed or obstructed or out of aligned. Here are the instructions you should follow to align the safety reverse sensor:

  1. Locate both safeties reversing sensors (You can easily locate both reversing sensors on each side of the garage door.)
  2. The sensors are fastened to the door tracks no higher than 6 inches above the garage floor.
  3. Now, there is a wing nut on the front of the sensor, loosen it and align the sensor so both lenses point at each other.
  4. When both safeties reversing the sensor LED glows steadily. The garage door opener will work normally.
  5. Now, use the remote controller to test if the door is closing and opening without any problem.

Change Mounting Brackets

The above step shows how to align the safety reverse sensor on the garage door opener. However, if that does not work troubleshoot the issue. We suggest you change the mounting brackets might work to fix the problem.

Similarly, the placement of mounting brackets can cause problems with the alignment of the reversing sensors. In addition, most of the users have claimed that changing the mounting brackets has solved the problem of errors 4-6 on Liftmaster.

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Make sure to change the alignment of the mounting brackets. However, you can also replace the mounting brackets if changing the alignment does not work to fix the problem. The mounting brackets might not be compatible with the garage door opener.

Therefore, choose the mounting brackets that are compatible with the garage door opener that you currently have installed. Make sure to check the model of the door opener and mounting brackets to verify their compatibility.

Contact Liftmasters

If you have changed the mounting brackets and adjusted the alignment of reversing sensors but still encountering Liftmaster error code 4-6. In that case, there might be another reason for causing the problem.

Similarly, there could be some internal conflict as the result. The sensor is not functioning properly even if there is no problem with the sensors. However, you can contact Liftmaster’s customer support for further assistance on your problem.

Check out your warranty card and visit the customer care center and describe your problem. They will send a team of experts who will definitely repair the garage door opener.

Final Thoughts

Liftmaster error code 4-6 occurs when the sensor is blocked or obstructed due to misalignment. In addition, the garage door opener won’t close the door using the remote while there is error code 4-6.

However, this problem can easily be fixed after changing the mounting brackets and adjusting the alignment of reversing sensors. Similarly, if you have any doubts about Liftmaster, feel free to ask us.

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FAQ about Error Code 4-6 on Liftmaster

1. How do you clear a Liftmaster error?

Ans: To get rid of the Liftmaster error, you have to know what is causing this problem. After that, apply the solution regarding the problem’s causes.

2. What do error codes 4-6 mean on a Chamberlain garage door opener?

Ans: Error code 4-6 means the safety reversing sensors are not aligned properly and the sensors are obstructing.

3. What is error code 4-6 on the Liftmaster garage door?

Ans: Liftmaster garage door error code 4-6 indicates a momentary obstruction usually cause when the safety reversing sensors are misaligned or obstruction.

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