Vizio TV Won’t Turn On Fixed

Vizio TV Won't Turn On

Vizio TV won’t turn on issue preventing users from watching TV. It is a very frustrating issue on the smart TV. This problem could be caused due to insufficient power supply.

This issue is increasing rapidly. Most of the Vizio TV users have reported this issue. However, this problem can easily be fixed. Check out this blog post and you’ll get tips to fix Vizio TV not turning on the issue with ease!

Why Vizio TV Won’t Turn On

Vizio TV Won't Turn On

The reason behind Vizio TV won’t turn on could be either standby mode on or the smart TV not getting power. However, many reasons might prevent Vizio’s tv from turning on.

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If you know the exact reason for causing the Vizio TV won’t turn on issue, you can easily fix the issue within a few minutes. Therefore, let’s check what the actual reason causing Vizio TV won’t turn on issue.

  1. The remote not working.
  2. The power cord is not connected securely.
  3. Broken or Damaged Cable.
  4. Internal Component Damaged.
  5. Insufficient power supply.

How to Get Rid of Vizio TV Won’t Turn On Problem

Apply the given instructions to fix Vizio TV won’t turn on the issue completely. In addition, these instructions work on every Vizio smart TV model.

If your smart TV is the older or the newest version you can easily fix Vizio TV not turning on issue after following the given instructions.

Method 1: Check Vizio Power Source

Sometimes the Vizio smart TV has power but the screen returns black. In that case, you have to check if the smart TV is getting power or not.

To do that, press the “MENU” button on both the smart TV and the remote. If the menu popups while pressing the button. Then there could be another reason for causing this issue.

If the menu button fails to appear on the smart TV display, there might be an issue with the power supply. Make sure your TV’s power cord is connected securely.

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Method 2: Check Power Cord

Vizio TV not Turn On

If your smart TV is not turning on, the power cord might be damaged or not working in the position. The power cord is the main culprit when the problem is caused by a power supply problem.

Make sure to check if the power cable is connected to the wall outlet properly. First, unplug the power cord and then replug it into the outlet. The power cord gets loose when the wire is long and if there is a pet roaming around.

Method 3: Perform Power Cycle

If you are having a power-related issue with your smart TV. The initial step to getting rid of this issue is performing power cycling. In addition, the power cycle helps to clear cache and temp files as the result. If the TV is having problems due to the temp file, the issue will persist.

To begin the power cycle, make sure to unplug all the power cables from the wall outlet or UPS. After that, wait for a few minutes and then plug the smart TV into the power cord. Check if the issue persists as soon as the smart TV boots.

Method 4: Check Vizio TV Remote

If your smart TV shows light blinking but the display does not load and stays black. In that case, your TV is not giving input to the TV when you press the power button. Make sure the Vizio TV remote is working and check if it has a battery issue.

Take your smart TV remote and then remove the battery cover from the backside of the remote. After that, take out the batteries from the remote and then insert the new pairs of batteries on the remote. Then close the remote panel and check if the remote is working.

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Method 5: Set the Correct Input Source

If the input source is not set to correct, the smart TV screen gets black as the result Vizio TV won’t turn on the issue encountered. However, you can easily fix that issue too after setting the input source correctly.

To choose the proper input source, remove the HDMI cable from the DVDR, smart hub, and smart TV. After that, insert the HDMI cable into the HDMI port. Make sure the input source and output source are correct.

Method 6: Replace Broken Cables

Another reason causing Vizio TV won’t turn on the issue is damaged power cables. If the power cable seems suspicious then replace the cable and then check if the smart TV power is on.

However, if the problem is fixed after replacing the power cable. The issue persisted due to cable. However, if the issue is persisting even after changing the cable. Move to another step.

Method 7: Visit Customer Care

After applying these instructions are you able to fix the problem? If not then there might be an issue with the Vizio smart TV’s internal components. To verify whether the issue is persisted by hardware fault on the smart TV. Contact the nearest Vizio customer care center.

If your smart TV is running on a warranty. There won’t be additional charges for the repair of your smart TV. The Vizio itself recommends visiting the official Vizio customer care center.

Final Thoughts

Vizio TVs are popular because they offer a lot of features and many people have them in their living rooms. However, if your TV won’t turn on, it can be frustrating (especially when you’re all set to watch a movie!). Luckily, we’ve put together some steps for troubleshooting this issue.

We hope these instructions worked on your smart TV. If you have any queries about this problem, leave us a comment. Our expert will try to answer your questions.

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FAQ about Vizio TV not Turning On

Is there a power reset button on a Vizio TV?

Ans: To reset the Vizio TV, press and hold the input button on the smart TV.

How do you fix your Vizio TV when it won’t turn on?

Ans: Make sure to check all the power source is working on the Vizio TV. If the cable seems suspicious, replace it with a new one.

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