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lg channel list

LG TV is a popular smart Tv based on WebOS. It is one of the best TV in the market. In addition, there are multiple channels that you can watch on LG TV. So, do you have an LG channels list?

To make the streaming experience better LG partnered with the Xumo app and introduced LG Channel. You’ll find all kinds of channels on LG TV. However, the Xumo app did not come preinstalled on some of the LG smart TVs.

List of All LG Channels List

LG Channel is free LG’s exclusive streaming service in which 175 channels are available to stream without having to download and install them. You don’t have to pay for any channel. However, some channels might contains ads.

There is a total of 175 free LG channels that you can easily stream on your LG TV. All you need is the channel IP number. We have categorized the LG channels according to the genre. Therefore, it will be easier to find the channel you want to watch.

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News Channel List

  • CBS News (IP-125)
  • Local Now (IP-126)
  • NBC Now (IP-128)
  • Bloomberg Television (IP-129)
  • NowThis (IP-130)
  • TODAY (IP-131)
  • Great Big Story (IP-132)
  • TIME Magazine (IP-135)
  • Newsy (IP-136)
  • Law & Crime (IP-137)
  • Newsmax TV (IP-138)
  • CBC NEWS (IP-141)
  • TYT (IP-142)
  • Wochit (IP-144)
  • Cheddar (IP-146)
  • USA TODAY News (IP-147)
  • Real Vision (IP-148)

TV and Movies Channel List

  • Free SciFi & Fantasy (IP-246)
  • Free Action Movies (IP-248)
  • Free Comedy Movies (IP-249)
  • FREE Movies (IP-250)
  • Binge FREE TV (IP-256)
  • AMMO (IP-258)
  • FilmRise (IP-259)
  • Docurama (IP-261)
  • CONtv (IP-262)
  • Gravitas Movies (IP-263)
  • The Archive (IP-264)
  • Shout! Factory TV (IP-265)
  • The Grapevine (IP-266)
  • American Classics (IP-267)
  • Filmhub (IP-268)
  • Maverick (IP-269)
  • Hi-Yah! (IP-270)
  • Free Horror Movies (IP-271)
  • The Asylum (IP-272)
  • Killer Movies (IP-273)
  • The Preview Channel (IP-276)
  • DangerTV (IP-348)
  • MOOVIMEX (IP-504)
  • Novela Club (IP-505)

Comedy Channel List

  • FailArmy (IP-200)
  • Funny or Die (IP-201)
  • Just For Laughs Gags (IP-202)
  • Just For Laughs (IP-203)
  • Above Average (IP-208)
  • CollegeHumor (IP-209)
  • JASH (IP-210)
  • Comedy Dynamics (IP-211)
  • America’s Funniest Home Videos (IP-217)
  • The Pet Collective (IP-225)

Entertainment Channel List

  • Got Talent Global (IP-277)
  • Fuse (IP-282)
  • People Are Awesome (IP-290)
  • GameSpot (IP-300)
  • Mobcrush TV (IP-302)
  • Arcade Cloud (IP-304)
  • eSports Revolution (IP-305)
  • Family Feud (IP-310)
  • DUST (IP-319)
  • The New Yorker (IP-335)
  • Nosey (IP-339)
  • Divorce Court (IP-340)
  • Forensic Files (IP-344)
  • Reelz Channel (IP-345)
  • Reel Truth Documentaries (IP-349)
  • HISTORY (IP-350)
  • Insight TV (IP-401)

Music Channel List

  • Stingray iConcerts (IP-280)
  • Billboard (IP-281)
  • Austin Music Live (IP-284)
  • Baeble Music (IP-286)
  • Latido Music (IP-288)
  • Kocowa (IP-510)

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Pop Culture Channel List

  • JukinVideo (IP-215)
  • Complex (IP-289)
  • comicbook (IP-317)
  • SYFY WIRE (IP-318)
  • The Hollywood Reporter (IP-320)
  • PeopleTV (IP-321)
  • People Magazine (IP-322)
  • TMZ (IP-323)
  • 101Facts (IP-324)
  • AllTime (IP-326)
  • FBE (IP-327)
  • Vanity Fair (IP-328)
  • Young Hollywood (IP-330)
  • Teen Vogue (IP-333)
  • Broadway Channel (IP-334)

Science and Tech

  • WIRED (IP-351)
  • CNET (IP-352)
  • Tested (IP-353)
  • Popular Science (IP-355)
  • Futurism (IP-358)
  • Titanic Channel (IP-359)
  • Mashable (IP-360)
  • Ars Technica (IP-362)
  • PBS Digital (IP-370)

Food, Drink, and Travel

  • Journy (IP-402)
  • Condé Nast Traveler (IP-403)
  • Food52 (IP-404)
  • Bon Appétit (IP-405)
  • Tastemade (IP-406)
  • Cooking Light (IP-407)
  • Saveur (IP-409)
  • Epicurious (IP-411)
  • Wine Oh TV (IP-412)
  • GustoTV (IP-413)
  • Give Me Las Vegas (IP-414)

Fashion Channel List

  • Vogue (IP-426)
  • Glamour (IP-427)
  • GQ (IP-430)
  • Allure (IP-439)


  • NatureVision (IP-450)
  • Stingray Ambiance (IP-451)
  • eScapes (IP-452)
  • QVC (IP-455)
  • Southern Living (IP-456)
  • HSN (IP-458)
  • SELF (IP-460)
  • Refinery29 (IP-461)
  • JTV Jewelry Love (IP-462)
  • ATTN: (IP-463)
  • Revry (IP-464)
  • PowerNation (IP-466)
  • Motorcyclist (IP-466)
  • This Old House (IP-478)
  • Architectural Digest (IP-479)
  • Qinetic (IP-491)

Kids and Family

  • Uzoo (IP-228)
  • Dove Channel (IP-560)
  • Free Family Movies (IP-599)
  • HooplaKidz (IP-601)
  • Toon Goggles (IP-602)
  • batteryPOP (IP-603)
  • Ameba (IP-604)
  • Puddle Jumper (IP-605)
  • Mr. Bean & Friends (IP-606)
  • ZooMoo (IP-607)
  • CoolSchool (IP-608)
  • Kid Genius (IP-609)
  • pocket.watch (IP-610)
  • Kabillion (IP-611)


  • Fox Deportes (IP-500)
  • Golf Digest (IP-706)
  • World Poker Tour (IP-708)
  • Eleven Sports (IP-711)
  • Copa90 (IP-712)
  • Football Daily (IP-713)
  • WaypointTV (IP-718)
  • SportsGrid (IP-719)
  • World Surf League (IP-720)
  • Outside TV+ (IP-721)
  • Network A (IP-722)
  • The Inertia (IP-723)
  • Cycle World (IP-724)
  • Field & Stream (IP-725)
  • Adventure Sports Network (IP-726)
  • Nitro Circus (IP-727)
  • GLORY Kickboxing (IP-729)
  • MMAjunkie (IP-730)
  • Hard Knocks Fighting Championship (IP-731)
  • Combat Go (IP-732)
  • USA Today SportsWire (IP-733)
  • Sports Illustrated (IP-738)
  • ACC Digital Network (IP-739)
  • Fox Sports (IP-740)
  • fubo Sports Network (IP-742)
  • Stadium (IP-745)
  • PGA TOUR (IP-750)

Final Thoughts

These are the LG channels listed with IP numbers or channel numbers. However, all the listed channels are completely free, you do not need to pay to watch these channels. Simply, enter the channel IP numbers to navigate through channels.

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FAQ about the List of LG Channels

What are the LG channels?

Ans: LG Channels are the internet channel powered by Xumo. You can watch content from this channel without installing or downloading the channel.

How do I get all channels on my LG Smart TV?

Ans: Press the “Home” button on LG TV remote and go to Settings. Now, select LG Channels to watch.

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