How to Choose Best Tv: Top 4 Smart TVs


With the increase in technological advances, we have been noticing great leaps in various everyday devices. New suits of connected devices are hitting the market. TVs with smart features are also one of them. So, how to choose smart tv?

These TVs are known as Smart TV. Features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and voice controls make these TVs a joy to use. Also, some of them can control smart home appliances. The answer to how to choose the Best tv is given below:

Smart TVs use various operating systems made especially for TVs. LG uses WebOS, Samsung uses Tizen OS, Android TV by Google, Roku TV, etc. are some of the most used operating systems for TV. Each of them has various features like streaming content, stock apps for various purposes, and so on. Among all those webOS, Tizen OS is considered to provide the most intuitive and complete user experience.

How to Choose the Best Tv

The market for Smart TV is saturated right now. This has made choosing one of them which suits you frustrating and time-consuming. So, we have made a small list of Smart TVs which will suit your needs the best. Let’s check them out.

Best High-End Smart TV – LG CX OLED

Best smart TV to buy

LG has one of the most intuitive, clean, minimal, and easy-to-use UX for its TV known as webOS. LG CX OLED is also one of them to feature it. It provides great smart features along with a great viewing experience. LG is also one of the pioneers in voice recognition providing its own ThinQ AI platform along with Alexa and Google Assistant.

A smart TV won’t be great with just smart features, it should also be a good TV. LG CX OLED provides both. It has a great OLED panel to enjoy your content. It also has HDR, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos for audio.

Best Smart TV for HDR – Sony X950H

best smart tv to buy

Sony X950H is accompanied by Android TV for smart features. It has all the standard features which come with it and a great app selection from Google Play Store. The UI is relatively clean enough and easy to use.

This is not what this TV is famous for but for having one of the best to provide HDR experience. It has an amazing color gamut of rich and vibrant colors. Also, it has a high contrast ratio. It can be set up with any type of room and place and still look great. Since it has low input lag which makes it good enough to play games however note that it lacks other gaming-centric features like FreeSync.

Best LED Smart TV – Samsung Q80/Q80T

how to choose best smart tv

Samsung Q80/Q80T is one of the best Smart TVs with an LED panel. LED panels don’t possess the risk of burn-ins like OLEDs but they do deliver punchy colors with deep black like OLEDs. So, they are wiser choices if you are into LED panels.

Samsung Q80/Q80T comes with Samsung’s in-house OS for TV i.e. Tizen OS. It has awesome performance with smooth navigation, easy to use, and has tons of apps to choose from. Certainly, it won’t let you miss your favorite shows and games.

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As said earlier, it has a great panel with a great contrast ratio. It has a high enough brightness for daytime viewing. With full-array local dimming, it improves picture quality. Also, it has VRR support and a 120 Hz panel which makes it a good choice for gamers.

Best Affordable Smart TV – TCL 3-Series

best smart tv

TCL 3-Series is one of the best smart TVs to buy if you are low on budget. But affordable doesn’t mean you will be missing huge on smart features as well as the TV itself. They come with Roku TV which has enough features to let you stream your favorite content with good enough picture quality. Roku also has a great UI with a clean interface.

How to Choose the Best-LED Tv

Conclusion: Nowadays, with the increase in IoT and connected devices getting a Smart TV is a necessity. Controlling smart home appliances to stream the latest TV shows and movies can be done with it. Old-school ways like cable TV are being obsolete and most of the TV shows released on streaming services are making it more obvious for people to buy smart TVs.

This list provides one of the best in many categories but this doesn’t mean they are the only ones. However, this list will suit most of them and we promise that it won’t disappoint you either. I hope you know how to choose the best tv by reading this article.

FAQ on How to Choose the Best Tv

What is the best small TV to buy?

Ans: TCL 3-Series TVs are one of the best small TVs to buy. Roku TV has enough smart features for a great user experience

What is the best brand of Smart TV?

Ans: There isn’t the best brand of smart TV but a TV with WebOS (i.e LG) and Tizen OS (Samsung) have an impressive smart TV. you can’t go wrong with either of them.

What is the best TV to buy in 2023?

Ans: LG CX OLED is one of the overall best TVs to buy in 2021. It has webOS offering almost all required features with an amazing viewing experience.

Which is the better TV Samsung or LG?

Ans: Both of them offer a great experience. If you want an OLED TV go for LG and if LED then Samsung. However, OLED has superior picture quality than LED.

What is the best brand of Smart TV?

Ans: LG, Samsung, Sony, Hisense, TCL, and Vizio are a few of the most trustable brands for Smart TVs.

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