7 Ways to Fix ZTE Phone Won’t Connect To Internet

ZTE Phone Won't Connect To Internet

Internet not connecting or not working on any device might be caused to some generic problem on the network configurations. In addition, ZTE phones won’t connect to the internet could be the result of network configurations problem.

ZTE is a Chinese tech company that generally makes telecommunication devices. In addition, it also creates smartphones that support 5G connections. When the ZTE phone is unable to connect to the internet. There might be various reasons for causing this problem.

There could be problems with smartphones or with the software. However, this issue can easily be fixed after applying the instructions mentioned in this blog post.

Why ZTE Phone Won’t Connect to the Internet

A SIM card is required to connect the device to the internet. For instance, there might be a problem with the SIM card. Or, your sim card isn’t activated. As a result, the phone is not connecting to the internet.

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If the SIM card is working and has been activated but still there is no internet connection on your device. In that case, the network configurations might have problems. Make sure to check the access point settings on your phone.

Similarly, there could be other reasons behind ZTE phone won’t connect to the internet problem. Such as incorrect DNS configurations, internet bills due, and other poor connectivity issues.

How to Connect Internet on ZTE Phone

ZTE phone won’t connect to internet might cause when the user does not know how to properly configure the network settings on the phone. However, follow the given instructions to connect internet on the ZTE phone:

  1. Launch the ZTE app on your phone.
  2. Go to General Settings.
  3. From More Option, navigate to Mobile Networks.
  4. Select your Network and find the Access Point Name (APN).
  5. Click on Reset to Default.

Now, the APN will be reset to default. However, it will automatically add the default APN configuration on the phone. If the default APN does not connect to the internet, then you can create a custom APN.

To do that, select Create New APN and then enter the APN name and its protocol provided by the ISP. Save the APN setting and select the APN to enable it.

Troubleshoot ZTE Phone Not Connecting to Internet

If there is no problem with the configurations but still your phone is not connecting to the internet. Follow the given methods to troubleshoot the ZTE phone not connecting to the internet issue.

Method 1: Check the Internet Connectivity Status

First, you have to verify whether the internet is working or not. In addition, you can easily verify the internet connection on your smartphone. To do that, run a speed test. It will display all the network statuses of your device.

Turn on the mobile data or wifi on your smartphone. Afterward, launch any web browser and go to fast.com. Once the website loading process is finished, it will automatically run the test. There will be an internet connection status within a few minutes.

Method 2: Check Data Usage and Limit

ZTE phone won’t connect to internet problem might cause when the data usage has crossed the limit. In addition, the internet does not when the data usage limit has to exceed. To check if the issue is actually caused due to over data usage.

You have to monitor the monthly data usage. To do that, go to Settings and select Network settings. From the option, navigate to Data usage. Choose the time duration of 1 month. Keep your eye on the data usage.

Method 3: Reboot your Smartphone

Basically, rebooting the smartphone will help to bypass the generic glitch or bugs on the device. Sometimes, the smartphone has an overhead issue as the result some of the features do not work properly.

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Similarly, rebooting the smartphone could prevent such problems. To perform a reboot on your smartphone. Press the power button until the power option appears on the screen. Choose Restart to initiate the rebooting process.

It will take a few minutes to reboot the device. Afterward, check if the issue still persists.

Method 4: Change DNS Configuration

DNS plays an important role when it comes to the internet not working problem. The incorrect DNS configuration might cause problems with the internet. Make sure to enter the correct DNS server address.

There are many DNS service providers. In addition, we recommend using Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS to avoid internet-related problems and issues on your smartphone. Go to Settings > Network > DNS > and save the settings.

Method 5: Perform Factory Reset

After changing the DNS configuration, your device still does not have internet. There might be a problem with the device. In that case, we suggest you perform a factory reset. In addition, a factory reset removes everything and the device have factory default settings.

To do that, go to Settings and select General. Scroll down and select Reset. Choose Factory Reset to default. Enter your phone’s pin code to confirm and start the reset. It will take a few minutes to complete the factory reset.

Afterward, set up your smartphone and then check if the issue still persists. If the issue still persists, move to the next instructions.

Method 6: Reset APN Configurations

APN consists of gateways and other port information of a network. Basically, it is a small setup configuration of a network. It allows devices to connect to the internet. However, if the APN has a problem. ZTE phone won’t connect to the internet problem occurs.

Go to Settings and select network. From the network option, choose mobile networks and then select APN. Now, select manually insert APN. The APN configuration menu will appear on the screen. Enter the required information on the APN menu and save the settings.

Lastly, choose the newly configured APN configuration and check if the internet works or not. The internet will start working if everything has been set correctly.

Method 7: Contact Customer Support

If none of the methods worked to fix the problem, feel free to visit the customer care center. They will fix the problem on your device. Make sure you have a warranty card.

Final Thoughts

ZTE Phones won’t connect to the internet problem occurs due to various reasons. However, you can easily fix this problem after rebooting your device and changing the network settings.

If you have any questions regarding this problem. Leave us a comment. Here are some common doubts of the users.

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FAQ about ZTE Phone No Internet Connection

1. How do I connect my ZTE phone to Wi-Fi?

Ans: Go to Settings and select WiFi. Turn on the WiFi and enter the credential of the WiFi network.

2. How do I reset my network settings on my ZTE?

Ans: To reset network settings on a ZTE phone: Go to Settings > System > Advance and Reset. Now, select Network reset.

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