Paramount Plus Error Code 124 Fixed

paramount error code 124

Paramount Plus error code 124 occurs when a user tries to stream the channel contents. In addition, the screen turns blank, and an error 124 message pop-ups on the screen. It happens due to the authorization problem on the app.

If you are encountering an error 124 on Paramount Plus, there might be many reasons for causing this problem. In addition, there might be problems with internet connectivity. This error message mostly appears on the web browser rather than on the Paramount Plus app.

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Similarly, there might be tracking protection enabled on your browser. As the result, the error message is appearing on the screen. Make sure to disable the tracking protection on the web browser to prevent any conflict with the Paramount Plus service.

How to Fix Paramount Plus Error Code 124

Apply the underlying instructions to troubleshoot error code 124 on paramount plus. In addition, these solutions work on android, iOS, Windows, and other platforms that support a paramount plus. No matter which device you have, the methods are some to fix the problem.

Method 1: Restart Paramount Plus

When you encounter the paramount plus error code 124. Make sure to restart the app. However, there might be problems with the app such as overload issues or cache issues. To troubleshoot those issues restarting is the best method to perform.

The app gets rebooted after closing and relaunching on many devices like Android, iOS, and windows. Similarly, the app doesn’t refresh on closing. You can reboot your device. To do that, unplug the power cable and replug it after 10-20 seconds.

Method 2: Make Sure the Internet is Working

The Paramount Plus app is a client and it retrieves its contents from its server. The internet connection is the medium to exchange requests between the server and the client. However, the internet connection not working on the device causes the problem.

Verify if the internet connection is working on your device. If there is a problem with the internet connection. Consult with your ISP regarding the internet issue. Similarly, you can switch to Mobile data to check if the problem still persists.

On mobile data, if the problem does not persist. Try connecting to another network that will fix the problem. However, if you still encounter the problem on mobile data or another network. There might be another reason for causing the problem.

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Method 3: Clear Cache Data

Cache data is used to preload the data on the device. When cache data has been issued it causes the problem. Paramount Plus error code 124 might be caused due to the problem with cache data. To remove the corrupted cache data or file, make sure to clear the cache data of the app.

Every device supports cache data. The files could corrupt on every device. Therefore, follow the given instruction to clear temp or corrupt files of Paramount Plus.

Android and Android TV:

  1. Hold the “Paramount Plus” app icon.
  2. Go to “App” Info and tap on “Storage“.
  3. Tap on “Clear Cache” and select “OK“.


  1. Go to “Settings” and search for “Paramount Plus“.
  2. Toggle to “Paramount Plus“.
  3. Click on “Clear Data and History“.

Smart TV:

  1. Press the “Home” button on the smart TV’s remote.
  2. Navigate to “Settings” and select “Apps“.
  3. Go to the “System apps“.
  4. Choose the “Paramount Plus app“.
  5. Select “Clear cache” and “OK” to confirm.

Method 4: Turn Off Tracking Protection

If you are getting error code 124 on a web browser. Then, there could be tracking protection enabled on your web browser. Make sure to turn it off to avoid the error 124 or a blank screen while accessing the Channel on Paramount Plus.

Apply the given instructions to turn off the tracking protection on the web browser:

  1. On a web browser, go to Settings.
  2. Click on Privacy and Security.
  3. Uncheck the Tracking Protection.

Final Thoughts

Paramount Plus error code 124 prevents streaming channel content. In addition, no internet connection, corrupted files and cache data, and tracking protection or other filters are the reasons for causing this issue.

Users have encountered this issue on many devices. However, this problem can easily be fixed after restarting the Paramount app or the device. An Internet connection is required to access the Paramount Plus content or channel. Make sure the internet is working.

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Also, corrupted files and data are the root cause of the persisting errors and issues. Make sure to clear the corrupted files and data of the app by clearing the data or cache data. In addition, do not use any third-party scripts or protections while using Paramount Plus.

FAQ about Error Code 124 on Paramount Plus

1. Do adblockers causes the Paramount Plus error Code 124?

Ans: Using adblockers and other third-party scripts can persist the Paramount Plus error 124 code. Make sure to avoid the use of adblockers and other scripts while using Paramount Plus

2. Why did Paramount Plus stop streaming suddenly?

Ans: Paramount Plus suddenly stops streaming when there is no internet connectivity. It also creates when a user is using adblocker or any other third-party scripts on the web browser.

3. What are the reasons for encountering the error code 124 on Paramount Plus?

Ans: Following are the reasons behind error code 124:
1. Internet Connection Problem
2. Adblocker and Tracking Protection
3. Temp files and corrupted cache data, etc.

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