3 Ways to Fix Liftmaster Error Code 1-5

Liftmaster Error Code 1-5

Liftmaster error codes 1-5 occur when the garage door opens only halfway. There could be various reasons for causing this problem. However, error code 1-5 refers to motor error. Most of the users are reporting error code 1-5 occurs when the garage door only opens halfway.

The Liftmaster error code 1-5 can be encountered on different models. In addition, here are some of the models where this error message is likely to appear. LiftMaster Wi-Fi Model 8550W, 8557W, 8587W, etc.

If you are encountering error codes 1-5 on the Liftmaster device. Here is the complete guide on how to fix this problem and get Liftmaster to work normally.

Reasons Behind Liftmaster Error Code 1-5

Liftmaster is a door opener device that is used to open garage doors, commercial doors, and other gates automatically. It is mainly used to open heavy doors and gates. However, it may show some error messages when it is malfunctioning.

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Similarly, Liftmaster shows error codes 1-5 when there is a problem with the motor or engine. There could be other reasons such as a bad logic board and Communication error in the travel module.

Moreover, there might be another reason behind this problem. For instance, there might be an insufficient power supply. As the result, the Liftmaster is opening the door only halfway. Therefore, we have tested all the possible and fixed the problem.

How to Fix Error Code 1-5 on Liftmaster

Follow the given instructions to troubleshoot the error 1-5 code on Liftmaster. Apply all the instructions step-by-step:

Method 1: Replace Logic Board

When there are no moments but the garage door opener clicks. Then it means there is a bad logic board and you need to replace the logic board. In addition, the logic board is causing the problem.

As the result, Liftmaster only shows an error code but does not open the door. The logic board might have a problem or it might be damaged. However, you have to replace the logic board to fix this problem.

You can contact customer care service or ask the technician to replace the logic board of the Liftmaster. In addition, the logic board might be different according to the model of the device. Make sure to describe all the models while contacting customer care.

Method 2: Disconnect All Power

When the opener runs approximately 6-8 times and stops or reverses. Then, the problem occurred due to a communication error to travel the module. However, it can easily be fixed after disconnecting all the power.

Similarly, disconnecting the power helps to purge all the electricity from the device. As the result, overheating or other genetic problems are bypassed easily. To do that, apply the following instruction on the Liftmaster device:

  1. Remove the outer cover.
  2. Locate the Travel Module.
  3. Make sure the wires for the travel module are connected properly.
  4. If the wires are connected, disconnect them.
  5. After that, replace the travel module.

Once the task is completed, check if the error still persists. When the door closes and opens without showing any problem. The error has been solved. Insert the outer cover and leave the machine.

Method 3: Check Power Supply Cable

The power supply is the most essential part to run the Liftmaster device. If the power supply cable is damaged or has not been installed properly. It will create an insufficient power supply issue.

Afterward, you may encounter an error code 1-5 problem on Liftmaster or the door won’t open properly. To avoid such an issue, make sure the cable that is used to supply the power has no fault and is connected properly to the power outlet and device.

Final Thoughts

Liftmaster error code 1-5 is a problem that usually occurs on the ground door opener. However, this problem can easily be fixed after replacing the bad logic board and disconnecting all the cables from the device.

If you have any doubts regarding the Liftmaster, here are some of the commonly asked questions regarding the error code 1-5. In addition, you can leave us a comment if you have any doubts.

FAQ about Liftmaster Error 1-5 on Ground Door Opener

1. How do I identify the Bad Logic board on Liftmaster?

Ans: Bad Logic board can easily be identified when the garage door opener clicks but there is no sign of any movements. Then the logic board has a problem.

2. What is LiftMaster 8550W error code 1-5?

Ans: Liftmaster 8550W error code 1-5 is a motor problem that usually occurs due to a bad logic board or bad communication travel module

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