Ring Doorbell No Power Fixed

Ring Doorbell No Power

Ring doorbell is the best home security device. It has many security benefits. Sometimes, it does not work due to ring doorbell no power problem. There are many ways to fix this problem.

When the ring doorbell has no power it creates a huge problem. The Smart Ring doorbell won’t record the footage. There could be many reasons behind the powering problem on smart ring doorbells. For instance, the battery could be damaged.

Moreover, many reasons cause the ring doorbell no power problem. If you are encountering no power issue, make sure to check the status of the ring doorbell in the app. The status shows on the app shows whether the doorbell is working or not.

If the smart doorbell is not working and is unable to charge its battery. Here are the solutions to fix the Ring doorbell no power issue. I have tested these troubleshooting methods on my smart doorbell and it perfectly worked.

Ring Doorbell No Power

Ring Doorbell No Power

The ring is a smart home and home security device manufacturing device. It creates the best outdoor cameras and video doorbells. In addition, the best features of the ring product are it allows recorded footage sharing.

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Similarly, ringing doorbells loose power, or having no power could be caused due to many reasons. Here are some of the popular reasons behind this problem:

  1. Insufficient Power supply
  2. Defected Batteries
  3. Damaged Cables.

How to Fix Ring Doorbell No Power

After trying many solutions to get rid of the power issues on smart doorbells. We found some instructions to fix the problem. Apply the following instructions to troubleshoot the no power-to-ring doorbell problem.

Method 1: Check Doorbell Status

If the smart doorbell keeps losing power. The initial step is to verify the status of the Ring app. In addition, you can see the battery status and other information about the Ring doorbell. To check the status of the app. You must have logged in to your Ring account.

Launch the Ring app and enter your credentials to login into the account. After that, follow the given instructions to check its status:

  1. Go to Settings and select Device.
  2. Choose your device.
  3. Select Device health and check the Battery level.

If the battery level is low, replace it or charge the doorbell. For instance, Ring video doorbells 2, 3, and 3 plus are ring devices with removable batteries. Make sure to replace the batteries if you have a removable battery model ring device.

However, there is a cable on the other doorbells for the power supply. Make sure the power adapter is connected properly to your doorbells. If the led light glows, it indicates the doorbell is connected with adapted. If the cable gets short, you can use a cord extender to increase the length of the wired connection.

Method 2: Insufficient Power Supply

When there is an insufficient power supply on the smart doorbell. It won’t work as a result you will encounter no power on the ring doorbell message. Therefore, a balanced amount of voltage is needed to boot and work the doorbell.

To check the voltage on the doorbell using a voltmeter. For instance, a minimum voltage of between 16-24 volts is required on Ring doorbell Pro. If the voltage is below the minimum requirements of voltage. The low power issue persists.

However, you can easily prevent the low voltage issue on the doorbell using a Powerkit. You can use any power kit that is recommended by the company or that meets requirements. In addition, here are the voltage requirements for different Ring doorbell models.

  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro: 16-24 Volts AC
  • Ring Video Doorbell 2, 3, and 3 Plus: 08-24 Volts AC

Similarly, the cable connection between the doorbell and the power source is secure. There shouldn’t be any loose connection anywhere. In addition, the cable should not be damaged or have any sign of a tear. Afterward, unplug the power cord from the wall socket and replug it again.

After reconnecting the wire, if the issue still persists. There could be a problem with the outlet. Therefore, plug the power cord into another outlet. If the doorbell let flashes. There was a problem with the outlet. Else, there is another problem.

Method 3: Replace the Batteries

If you are more concerned with the security of your home. Make sure all the security devices are working. In addition, devices should get the proper amount of power to run properly. We have already been told you there are a few doorbell models that use batteries. In addition, there are rechargeable batteries that you can use in the doorbell.

Take the charged batteries and replace them with the drained batteries. After that, check the battery status from the app. Make sure to charge the drained batteries to use later. Similarly, check the battery level 3 times a week. Once it gets drained, replace it with charged batteries.

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Method 4: Replace the Doorbell

The doorbell might have internet damage as a result there is no power. In addition, the motherboard or other electric components might have been damaged. We advise you to replace the doorbell. Contact the support to replace it.

Method 5: Contact Support

Unfortunately, if none of the methods worked to fix the problem. Contact the support to get further assistance to troubleshoot the no power-to-ring doorbell problem. You can get the contact number from the doorbell’s official site.

Call the nearest customer support around your area. The Ring professional will visit your home to give additional support.

How to Troubleshoot Ring Doorbells with Rechargeable Batteries

If you have Ring doorbells 1, 2, and 3 plus. You can easily fix the no-power issue after changing the batteries. In addition, all the models use rechargeable batteries. To fix the ring doorbell no power issue you can replace the batteries.

To do that, remove the outer cover of the doorbell and push in the silver portion to remove the batteries. If you have another pair of batteries, use the batteries or you can charge the battery and use it again. Reinsert the batteries and check the battery level on the app.

The battery charge should be full now. If the battery is showing low, it means you haven’t inserted it properly. Make sure to reinsert it properly and close the panel. This will solve the problem. Similarly, replace the batteries with a new one in case it does not charge.

How to Troubleshoot Handwired Ring Doorbell

If the doorbell has no batteries. The power supply is getting from a wired connection. In addition, the hand-wired ring doorbell does not require a battery to change after the battery is discharged. It automatically charges the batteries inside it.

If the doorbell has no power, it means there is an insufficient voltage supply. However, you can fix this problem after using the power kit. In addition, the power kit helps to balance the power supply on the ring doorbell.

How to Fix Ring Doorbell Elite

The Ring doorbell elite does not have hardware or batteries. It is powered by an ethernet cable. If it has no power, there could be a fault in the internet connectivity. However, an internet connection should be in working to work it.

To troubleshoot the internet connection on the ring doorbell elite, reset the router or modem. Alternatively, you can use DNS to get a stable connection. Similarly, a power reset also fixes the problem. To do that, power off the modem or router and disconnect it. Before connecting it wait for a few minutes and then plug it in.

Make sure the ethernet cable is connected properly. To secure the ethernet connection, eject the ethernet and insert it properly. Also, the internet connection should be faster.

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Final Thoughts

Ring doorbell with no power is a huge problem when privacy and security are the main concerns. However, you can easily fix the problem after changing the power source and replacing the batteries. Make sure the power is balanced and the battery is charged.

FAQ about No Power to Ring Doorbell

Can you install a Ring doorbell without wires?

ns: Yes, the ring doorbell can be installed without wires but you have to keep the battery charged from time to time.

What does it mean when my Ring doorbell is flashing blue?<

ns: The blue light indicates the ring doorbell is charging.

How Long Does a Ring Battery Last?

Ans: The average battery life of Ring devices is between 6 to 12 months.

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