How to Set Up Samsung Smart TV [All Models]

How to set up Samsung smart TV

When you buy a new Samsung smart TV or performed a factory reset. The smart TV should be set up. In addition, the configuration helps to unlock most features of the smart TV. So, how to set up Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung smart tv setup includes paring the remote, connecting to WiFi, and linking the Samsung account to the smart TV. In addition, you will also learn channel scan using the auto program. It will help to discover more content on smart TV.

Samsung Smart TV Setup Guide

Here is the best configuration for Samsung smart TV. Before going to follow the setup process, make sure to turn on the smart TV.

Pair Samsung Smart Remote to TV

Samsung smart TV setup

The initial step is to pair the remote with the smart TV. In addition, the remote automatically gets paired when the smart TV is turned on. However, if the remote does not pair automatically. You can pair it manually. To do that, point the remote in front of the smart TV.

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Afterward, press and hold the Back and Play/Pause buttons simultaneously. However, the pairing button and functions are different according to the smart TV model and remote. The image on the remove might be different but the instructions are almost the same.

Select Language

Once the remote is paired, you can navigate the smart TV. The new smart TV lets users choose the language. In addition, there are many languages available on the Samsung smart TV. You can select French, Spanish, and other languages on smart TV.

From the initial setup page which selects your language to start setup, use the up and down buttons on the remote. These buttons are directional pads. It helps to navigate the smart TV. Select the language you preferred and press the Ok button to move to the next page.

Setup TV with SmartThings

After choosing the language on the smart TV, you’ll be redirected to the SmartThings setup page. Make sure to configure this page because the smart TV will link with the smartphone via the SmartThing app. Therefore, it will allow you to cast smart TV content from a smartphone.

Before linking the smart TV with SmartThings, make sure the smart TV and smartphone are connected to the same WiFi. Launch the SmartThings app on your Samsung smartphone and then tap on ADD NOW from the menu. Enter the link code displayed on your smart TV screen.

Tap on DONE and wait till the Samsung account is registered. Once it did, select NEXT and confirm the ZIP Code. Select Next three times and SmartThings will be set up on your smart TV.

Connect the TV to the internet

The Internet is the most important on the smart TV. For instance, online streaming is possible when the smart TV has the internet. The smart TV has both wired and wireless features available. In addition, it will ask you to choose a medium.

Wireless Network

To connect internet via a wireless medium, choose wireless and then select WiFi SSID name. Enter the credentials and select connect. If the password is correct, WiFi will be connected. Once the smart TV has internet access, it will try connecting to the Samsung server.

Once the smart TV access the Samsung server, select OK and then Agree to all the terms and conditions and select OK. Now, internet connections have been established. If there is an error while connecting, read this to fix unable to connect to the Samsung server.

Wired Network

There is another option if you want to connect internet via the wired medium. Grab the ethernet cable and connect it’s one end of a router and another end to the back panel of the smart TV or One connect box. After that, choose the Wired option.

It will take a few minutes to establish the internet connection on the smart TV. Afterward, the smart TV will access the Samsung server, press OK and then agree to all the terms and conditions as well as the privacy and policy.

Note: Make sure to agree to the Terms and Conditions as well as the privacy policy. It gives proper access to all features on all apps and features.

Link your Samsung Account to Smart TV

Samsung account is required to access many features as well as use certain apps or services. For instance, if you want to install an app or rent/purchase a movie. You will need a Samsung account.

However, you can also skip this process. To do that, select the arrow located at the top right-hand side of the screen. It will redirect you to the next step.

Sign in (For existing account)

To sign into your Samsung account manually, navigate to the Sign in option and select the ID Field. Now, enter your account credentials. Make sure to mark sign-in me automatically. Now, select the Sign in option to link the account to the smart TV. Select DONE to move into the next step.

Create an Account

If you do not have an account, create one. To create a Samsung account, select Create Account and agree to all the Samsung account terms & conditions and privacy policies. Now, enter all your details in ID Field, and enter your email address, and password. Make sure to enter the correct information on first names, last names, and dates of birth. After that, select create an account.

Now, check your mail to verify the Samsung account that you recently created. After that, sign in to your Samsung account for your smart TV.

Connect a Cable Box and Scan for Channels

To watch content on your smart TV, connect the cable box to your smart TV. Take an HDMI cable and insert one end into the smart hub and another end into the backside of the smart TV. Make sure to insert the HDMI into the same HDMI port to avoid source input problems.

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After connecting the connect box to the smart TV, the cable box will scan for available channels on the service that you are using.

Channel Scanning

Scanning the available channels only takes a few minutes. There will be many contents available to watch in a meantime. Grab your smart TV remote.

Afterward, go to Settings and select Broadcasting. From the menu, select Auto program. Select Start to initiate the Auto Program. There are many options that filter channels list. For instance, you can select both Air or cable to choose broadcasting signal transmission.

It will take a few minutes to complete the channel scanning. Once it did, select Close to finish.

Set up your device and control them with the Universal Remote

Besides the cable box, there is numerous device you can connect to your TV. In addition, you can link Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, soundbars and speakers, and also laptops.

There is an inbuilt One Connect box on some Samsung TV models that makes organizing and controlling different devices easier. Once you connect the external device to your smart TV, we suggest using a universal remote. It will reduce the use of multiple remotes with a single remote for both devices.

Use Samsung HDMI ARC to connect external devices to Samsung smart TV. In addition, it is best for audio and video output with a single device.

Final Thought

Samsung Smart TV setup is complete after applying the suggestion given in this guide. In addition, we suggest you enter correct data or information to avoid errors on the smart TV. Similarly, these are the initial setup that you need to configure after a factory resetting or purchasing a new smart TV.

There are other configurations on the smart TV such as:

FAQ about How to Set Up Samsung Smart TV

Are smart TVs easy to set up?

Ans: Yes, smart TVs are easy to set up. It does not require any technical knowledge to set up smart TVs.

Do I need a cable with a smart TV?

Ans: No, it is not compulsory to use cable on smart TV. However, there are other ways to connect or link smart TV to the internet or external device via wireless.

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