Paramount Plus Error Code 31 Fixed

Paramount Plus Error Code 31

Paramount Plus error code 31 pops up on the screen due to the login issue. In addition, there are many reasons behind causing this problem on Paramount. There might be an internet connectivity issue or the server has issues.

Suppose you are encountering this issue on your device. The initial step to troubleshoot this problem is to check your device’s internet status. For instance, error code 31 usually occurs due to a poor internet connection.

In this guide, we will troubleshoot the Paramount Plus error code 31. In addition, you can solve this problem on Android, iOS, Windows, Amazon fire stick, and other devices where Paramount Plus runs.

What is Error Code 31 on Paramount Plus

Paramount plus error code 31 interrupts the streaming of podcasts or any other content. Whenever the error code 31 appears on the screen. The app redirects to the login page and the user has to log in to their account.

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This issue keeps repeating when the internet connection is poor or there is some issue with the app’s data or server. For instance, there could be an account credential is wrong, the app might have pending updates and other features enabled that make an exception to run the paramount service smoothly.

Fix Paramount Plus Error Code 31

To fix the Paramount Plus error code 31, follow the given instructions step-by-step:

Method 1: Check the Internet Connection

Whenever the internet speed decrease on your device. It shows the error code 31 while using the Paramount Plus app. To check the internet connection, open a web browser and go to the internet speed checker website.

The internet connectivity might have problems due to over usage. However, you can easily fix the internet problem after restarting the router/modem. Unplug/Replug the power cord to perform a soft reboot on the router/modem.

Method 2: Check Paramount Plus Credentials

Another reason for causing error 31 on the Paramount Plus app could be the incorrect information on the credentials. Recheck the credential before pressing the sign-in button. However, if the subscription expires, Paramount error code 31 appears on the screen.

Make sure your subscription is active and the information on your account is correct to avoid errors while using the app.

Method 3: Force Stop Paramount App

Force stop is the feature that closes the task on RAM. In addition, the login issue crashes the app as a result error message displays on the screen. Force stopping the app help to end the session of the app in the RAM.

To force stop the Paramount app the instructions are almost the same on every device. First of all, go to Settings and then open Application Manager. After that, search the Paramount Plus app and select the app. Now, select the Force Stop option to close the app’s session.

Afterward, relaunch the app and check if the error still exists. If the error message is displayed on the screen, move to the next method.

Method 4: Check Server Status

The server might have been disabled temporarily or in maintenance. Therefore, you are unable to log in to Paramount Plus. Paramount Plus error code 31 occurs when the server is unavailable. You have to wait until the server gets online.

Similarly, you can check the server status official website of Paramount or ask customer support about the server status of your area.

Method 5: Update Paramount Plus

The outdated app is not compatible with the device. As the result, the app does not function properly. If you are getting the error 31 messages, make sure to check for the updates. Therefore, updating the app to the latest version fixes the generic bugs that cause problems.

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There are many ways to update an application on a device but the easiest way is from the application store. However, each platform has its own application store. Go to the application store and then search for Paramount Plus. Select update to initiate the updating process.

In Android and Android TV:

  1. Open Playstore and tap on Profile.
  2. Tap on Manage Apps and Device.
  3. In the overview Section, Tap on Update All.
  4. Or tap on Manage and go to Update Available.
  5. Select Paramount Plus and tap on Update.

In iOS:

  1. Open the App store and tap your Profile icon.
  2. Check for Pending updates.
  3. Search for Paramount Plus.
  4. Tap Update to start updating the app.

Apple TV:

  1. Open the Paramount Plus app on your TV.
  2. Go to Settings and select System.
  3. Select Software Updates and then choose Update Software.

Method 6: Update System Software

After updating the Paramount Plus app, you are still encountering errors. It might be the outdated version of the system software. Some apps are incompatible with the outdated smart TV. However, updating the system fixes the problem.

Go to Settings > About Device > Check for Software Update. It will take a few minutes to search for the updated files. Select Update Now to begin the updating process on your device. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.

Method 7: Disable AdBlocker

Adblocker is a script that prevents unwanted ads from displaying. However, if the adblocker is enabled on your device. Then the paramount error 31 appears on the screen. Paramount app might need to run some javascript however, the adblocker’s job is to block the javascript.

Make sure to disable the adblocker and then check if the error still exists on your system. After disabling the adblocker, do not forget to close the Paramount app and then open it.

Method 8: Perform Factory Reset

When there is a problem with the device. Some apps do not work on the device properly. As the result, Paramount Plus error code 31 appears on the screen. However, factory resetting the devices fixes the problem.

Before performing the factory reset, make sure to keep a backup of your information, files, and other data. In addition, a factory reset removes everything, and the device returns to factory default settings.

Final Thoughts

Paramount Plus error 31 appears on the screen when there is a login error or failure. However, this problem can easily be fixed. Make sure the internet is working and the login credentials are correct.

In addition, you can force close the app to stop malfunctioning, update the app to prevent generic glitches, and reset the system to fix the generic problems on the system.

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FAQ on Paramount Plus Error 31 Code

Why does Paramount Plus keep saying error?

Ans: Paramount Plus keeps saying error because you are using an Adblocker on your device. Make sure to disable the adblocker before opening the paramount plus to avoid an error.

How do I fix Paramount Plus on Firestick?<

Ans: Clear the cache and update the Paramount plus to fix any errors on Firesticks.

Does Paramount Plus have streaming issues?

Ans: There are no streaming issues on Paramount Plus latest version app. However, you may encounter many issues with an outdated version app.

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