7 Ways to Fix LG TV Turns On by Itself

LG TV Turns On by Itself

There is nothing frustrating about hearing your LG TV turns on by itself in the middle of the night. When you turn off the smart TV after watching it but it somehow turns on by itself. However, there could be some problems with the smart TV. In this article, we are going to discuss why … Read more

Vizio TV Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi Fixed

Vizio TV Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi

Has your smart TV disconnected from WiFi? If it has then you probably have reconnected the smart TV to wifi. When Vizio TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi, you won’t keep reconnecting the wifi. However, there are many ways to get rid of this issue. When you encounter the wifi keeps disconnecting issue on your Vizio … Read more

Paramount Plus Error Code 111 Fixed

Paramount Plus Error Code 111

When you launch the paramount plus app or the content inside the app. You encounter an error message. In addition, Paramount Plus error code 111 appears when the ads do not load on the screen. It happens when you are using Adblocker on your device. Similarly, there are other reasons behind this error code. There … Read more

Pandora Error Code 14 Fixed

Pandora Error Code 14

Are you encountering Pandora Error Code 14? This error usually occurs on the Pandora app. In addition, this error prevents streaming and listening to music, podcast, and other content. If you are looking to troubleshoot the problem. There are many ways to fix this problem. Pandora is a music streaming service that is available on … Read more

How to Set Up Samsung Smart TV [All Models]

How to set up Samsung smart TV

When you buy a new Samsung smart TV or performed a factory reset. The smart TV should be set up. In addition, the configuration helps to unlock the most features of the smart TV. So, how to set up Samsung Smart TV? Samsung smart tv setup includes paring the remote, connecting to WiFi, and linking … Read more

Ring Doorbell No Power Fixed

Ring Doorbell No Power

Ring doorbell is the best home security device. It has many security benefits. Sometimes, it does not work due to ring doorbell no power problem. There are many ways to fix this problem. When the ring doorbell has no power it creates a huge problem. The Smart Ring doorbell won’t record the footage. There could … Read more

Samsung Smart View No TV Found Fixed

Samsung Smart View No TV Found Fixed

Have you ever cast your smartphone’s screen to a smart TV screen? Well, if you have then you have probably used the Samsung Smart View app. However, sometimes the Samsung smart TV no tv found message appears on the screen. This message appears when the TV’s name does not come on the smart view search … Read more

How to Change Input on LG TV

How to Change Input on LG TV

LG Smart TV supports external device integration. In addition, you can easily connect external devices to your smart TV. The TV will receive a signal from the input source. So, how to change the input on LG TV? LG TV has many input settings. If your smart TV has an incorrect configuration, the TV won’t … Read more