LG Monitor HDMI No Signal Fixed


LG monitor HDMI has no signal problem caused when the wire that is used in the connection is not securely connected. In addition, there could be many reasons for causing this problem.

Such as broken or damaged cables, and incompatible monitor configurations, dirty HDMI ports, and incorrect input settings. When you encounter no signal on the LG monitor these might be the causes.

Troubleshoot LG Monitor HDMI No Signal

Apply the following instructions to get rid of the LG monitor HDMI with no signal problem:

Check HDMI Connection is Connected Securely

Loosen cables could cause a disturbance. In addition, if the HDMI is not connected properly to the port. Then, the signal won’t be transferred between the monitor and the source(receiver).

To fix this problem, unplug the HDMI from both devices and replug it. Make sure the connection is secure enough. However, if there is a loose cable then try inserting the HDMI end into another port. After that, check if the issue still persists.

Set Correct Input Source

When you notice the connection is secure enough but there is no signal problem. However, you can fix that problem after checking the input settings on your monitor. Make sure the set to correct the HDMI source according to the port where the HDMI is connected.

Try a different Port

There might be a problem with the HDMI port. For instance, the port might be damaged or there could be dust inside the port. Such ports are incompatible to receive and send signals. However, you can use a brush or air spray to get rid of dust. In a meantime, you can try connecting to different ports.

Replace the HDMI cable

Another reason for causing the LG Monitor HDMI no signal problem is a damaged cable. In addition, check if the cable is damaged. The bent cable might be damaged as a result it can cause the problem.

Try connecting the monitor with another HDMI cable to check if the problem persists. Similarly, if the monitor receives the signal, then there was a problem with the HDMI cable. You need to change the HDMI cables.

Update the graphics driver

When your monitor is showing no signal message frequently. It means the graphics drivers are not supported by the current system. However, you need to update the driver to fix the problem.

To do that, open your PC or laptop and check for a graphic driver update. If there is an update available, it will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Check for firmware updates

An outdated firmware could cause the compability issue. However, you can fix this problem after updating the monitor and external device to its latest version. Check for updates on monitor and device.

Contact Support

If you are still encountering LG Monitor No HDMI signal problem. It could be persisted due to internal damage. However, you need to visits the customer service center to get your monitor repaired.

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FAQ on LG Monitor No Signal HDMI

Why is my LG monitor not being detected?

Ans: A damaged cable or port, incorrect input selection, outdated graphics driver, and compatibility issues between the device and monitor could cause the problem.

Can this troubleshooting work on every LG Monitor?

Ans: Yes, there may change in some phrases but the instructions are the same and work on every LG Monitor.

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