LG TV Remote Not Working Fixed

LG TV Remote Not Working

LG is the most popular television brand in the world and its products are regarded as one of the best. However, it is not uncommon for LG remote not working. There are several reasons why this could happen. One of the most common reasons is that the batteries on your remote have expired and need … Read more

Vizio TV Won’t Turn On Fixed

Vizio TV Won't Turn On

Vizio TV won’t turn on issue preventing users from watching TV. It is a very frustrating issue on the smart TV. This problem could be caused due to insufficient power supply. This issue is increasing rapidly. Most of the Vizio TV users have reported this issue. However, this problem can easily be fixed. Check out … Read more

How to Pair LG Soundbar with Subwoofer

How to Pair LG Soundbar with Subwoofer

The LG Subwoofer and soundbar combo are great for beginning home theatre enthusiasts. These combinations are made with the beginner in thought. For instance, they deliver awesome sound for the price. So, how to pair an LG soundbar with a subwoofer? One of the best things about LG soundbars is that they typically come with … Read more

Netflix Error UI-800-3 Fixed Completely

Netflix-Error-UI-800-3 fixed

Have you ever get crashed by Netflix? If you do then, you might have a terrifying memory of getting crashed while streaming Netflix content. However, Netflix error UI-800-3 occurs when a few things need to be refreshed in your device.  Netflix Error UI-800-3 can be resolved by clearing the cache of your device, re-signing your … Read more

Netflix Error Code NW-2-5 Fixed


Are you stream movies, series, and anime on Netflix? Obviously, you do so you are here. Netflix is the best video streaming site with a wide variety of content. Netflix provides the best service that is beneficial for all kinds of genres. But some time while streaming videos on Netflix, there is an error that … Read more

LG TV Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi Fixed


Are you facing a network problem on your Smart Tv? Well, network problems occur due to the old drivers or old wifi cards. LG Tv keeps disconnecting from WIFI is a problem caused due to the weak signal strength between the tv and the router. When you are watching the tv but suddenly the internet … Read more

LG Smart TV Won’t Save WiFi Password


Have you tried to connect Smart Tv with the wi-fi but it won’t save the password? In order words, LG Smart TV won’t save WiFi passwords. It is a very common issue that prevents you from saving network settings on your smart TV. This problem is caused due to a generic bug or glitch on … Read more

Samsung Tv Error Code 012 Fixed in 5 Ways

Samsung TV error code 012

When you are watching tv but suddenly an error code 012 appears on the screen. The Samsung tv error code 012 indicates an internet problem on the specific application. In addition, smart tv is malfunctioning. This error code appears when the current app stop working. Many Samsung Smart Tv users have reported this issue. There … Read more